The 400 Blows Trailer

The 400 Blows Trailer (1959)

"Angel faces hell-bent for violence." 04 May 1959 Drama 99 mins

Intensely touching story of a misunderstood young adolescent who delves into a life of petty crime.

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Jean-Pierre Léaud

as Antoine Doinel

Claire Maurier

as Gilberte Doinel

Albert Rémy

as Julien Doinel

Georges Flamant

as Mr. Bigey

Robert Beauvais

as Director of the school

Yvonne Claudie

as Mme Bigey

Pierre Repp

as English Teacher

Guy Decomble

as French Teacher

Daniel Couturier

as Betrand Mauricet

Serge Moati

as Child


Jean Constantin

Original Music Composer

Henri Decaë

Henri Decaë Director of Photography

Georges Charlot

Georges Charlot Production Design

International Titles

Os Incompreendidos Trailer

四百下 Trailer

胡作非为 Trailer

Sie küßten und sie schlugen ihn Trailer

Les quatre cents coups Trailer

I quattrocento colpi Trailer

大人は判ってくれない Trailer

De vierhonderd slagen Trailer

På vei mot livet Trailer

400 batów Trailer

The 400 Blows Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 21 May 2015

France 03 June 1959

United Kingdom 03 April 1960

United States 04 May 1959

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The 400 Blows / Les Quatre Cents Coups (1959) - Trailer (english subtitles)

Directed by : François Truffaut Produced by : Les films du Carrosse Societé d'Exploitation et de Distribution de Films (SEDIF) Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 33 min French release: 11/10

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The 400 Blows / Les 400 coups (1959) - Trailer

Directed by François Truffaut Produced by Les films du Carrosse Societé d'Exploitation et de Distribution de Films (SEDIF) Genres : Fiction - Runtime : 1 h 33 min French release : 11/10

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A review / analysis on The 400 Blows (Les quatre cents coups). A classic 1959 french film directed by François Truffaut. My film list:

The 400 Blows 1959 Trailer - (Les quatre cents coups) François Truffaut

Director: François Truffaut Stars: Jean-Pierre Léaud Claire Maurier Albert Rémy.

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