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Amélie Trailer (2001)

25 April 2001

At a tiny Parisian café, the adorable yet painfully shy Amélie (Audrey Tautou) accidentally discovers a gift for helping others.

The 400 Blows Trailer (1959)

04 May 1959

For young Parisian boy Antoine Doinel, life is one difficult situation after another. Surrounded by inconsiderate adults, including his neglectful parents, Antoine spends his days with his best friend, Rene, trying to plan for a better life.

La Cage aux folles Trailer (1978)

25 October 1978

Two gay men living in St. Tropez have their lives turned upside down when the son of one of the men announces he is getting married.

My Afternoons with Margueritte Trailer (2010)

02 June 2010

An illiterate and lonely man bonds with an older and well-read woman.

Paris Express Trailer (2010)

24 February 2010

From multicultural Paris to designer Paris, Montmartre to the Champs-Elysées, sleazy sidewalks to high-end galleries.

Family Resemblances Trailer (1996)

06 November 1996

An upper middle-class French family celebrates a birthday in a restaurant. In one evening and during one meal, family history, tensions, collective and separate grudges, delights, and memories both clash and coalesce.

Angelique: The Road To Versailles Trailer (1965)

01 January 1965

Angelique (Michele Mercier) is saved by the king of the cutthroats (Giuliano Gemma) when she is endangered in the streets of Paris.

My Wife's Husband Trailer (1963)

01 September 1963

After thirteen years in Germany, Fernand is coming back to his wife and his restaurant. But since his disparition, his wife as made her life with a norman chef, sympathetic but a specialist of butter's cooking when Fernand cook only with oil!

Side Roads Trailer (1983)

06 September 1983

The story of Itineraire Bis has no singular plot line, but swings back and forth between the adventures of a young man who wants to buy a pizza truck and the lives of two middle-aged brothers living in an enormous house.

A Bad Son Trailer (1980)

14 October 1980

Bruno is released from prison. He looks for a job and tries to start a new life. His first stop is at his father's apartment.

La belle de Cadix Trailer (1953)

24 December 1953

A group of French filmmakers travel to Andalucia for film a movie titled" Beauty of Cadiz". It stars are Carlos, a famous heartthrob, and an unknown gypsy named Maria-Luisa.

A Very Curious Girl Trailer (1969)

03 December 1969

An oppressed and exploited young woman (Marie) begins charging for her sexual favors and completely disrupts the smug patriarchal capitalist society of the village of Tellier.

La vie d'artiste Trailer (2007)

05 September 2007

A novelist, an actress, and a struggling young singer all attempt to make their mark in modern day Paris in director Marc Fitoussi's cynical entertainment industry satire.

Back to the Wall Trailer (1958)

07 March 1958

Rich industrialist Jacques Decret learns his wife Gloria is having an affair with a young actor. For revenge, he bombards her with anonymous letters, convincing her that her lover is the culprit, Gloria desperately seeks a way out.

Family Hero Trailer (2006)

20 December 2006

A story of a cabaret in Nice called "Le perroquet bleu" ("The blue parrot"). The innkeeper, Gabriel, dies at the beginning of the movie and leave his business to his godchildren : Nino and Marianne, whom father had been taken under Gabriel's wing when he was fifteen years old.

La vie est trop courte (théâtre) Trailer (1984)

19 May 1984

La Parisienne Trailer (1957)

16 December 1957

The spoiled daughter of the French Ambassador tricks one of his aides into marrying her.

La berlue Trailer (1984)

08 November 1984

TOC TOC Trailer (2005)

13 December 2005

Vous habitez chez vos parents? Trailer (1983)

10 August 1983

Sweet Ecstasy Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Olivier, a handsome but callow and moody young student, picks up an enthusiastic actress during a theatre rehearsal, and is introduced to her acquaintances -- a group of jaded rich kids who spend their time storming around the Riviera harassing passersby, throwing wild parties and following all the latest trends.

Ambitious Trailer (2007)

24 January 2007

On the one hand you have Judith Zahn, an arrogant, snobbish, bitchy Parisian editor. On the other hand meet Julien Demarsay: an insecure, timid, young bookseller from the East of France who has just written his first autobiographic novel, with what it takes of navel-contemplating and soul-searching.

La guerre du Royal Palace Trailer (2012)

06 May 2012

Quand passent les faisans Trailer (1965)

10 September 1965

L'amant de Bornéo (théâtre) Trailer (1981)

01 October 1981

La ville des silences Trailer (1979)

14 November 1979

Cash-Cash Trailer (1971)

17 December 1971

La brune que voilà Trailer (1970)

16 September 1970

A Mistress for the Summer Trailer (1960)

26 February 1960

Philippe, a little known artist, has a mistress, Viviane, a woman he does not love. When he learns the bailiffs are about to seize his paintings, Philippe decides to leave alone for the French Riviera and spend, as he regularly does, comfortable and carefree holidays in the luxurious villa of his friend Paule.

Les Filles Trailer (1977)

19 March 1977

Le Gang des Otages Trailer (1973)

01 February 1973

Le Cœur sous le paillasson Trailer (1976)

23 September 1976