The Slowest Gun in the West Trailer

The Slowest Gun in the West Trailer (1960)

"The Slowest Gun in the West, The Fastest Draw on TV" 07 May 1960 Comedy, Western 53 mins

The town of Primrose, Arizona is beset by outlaws, so the towns people hire Fletcher Bissell III (A.K.A. The Silver Dollar Kid) as their new sheriff. Fletcher is so cowardly the townsfolk are sure that the local outlaws will be too proud to gun him down. This proves to be the case, and the outlaws hire their own cowardly gunfighter, Chicken Farnsworth, to go up against The Silver Dollar Kid. Written by Jim Beaver

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Phil Silvers

as Fletcher Bissell III, The Silver Dollar Kid

Jack Benny

as Chicken Finsterwald

Ted de Corsia

as Black Bart

Jack Elam

as Ike Dalton

Karl Lukas

as Jake Dalton

Robert J. Wilke

as Billy the Kid Blake

Lee Van Cleef

as Sam Bass

International Releases Dates

United States 07 May 1960

Production Companies

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The Slowest Gun in the West Trailer

The Slowest Gun in the West full hd movie trailer.

Phil Silvers in The Slowest Gun In The West (1960)

Phil stars as Fletcher Bissell III in this CBS special written by Nat Hiken.

Phil Silvers in The Slowest Gun In The West Cont 1960

The Slowest Gun in the West full hd movie trailer.

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