All My Children Trailer

All My Children Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963 Drama 93 mins

School teachers responsible for the lives of their students work to evacuate Allied bombings near the end of WWII.

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Hitomi Nakahara

as Miss Nishino

Ranko Akagi

as Junichi's mother

Tanie Kitabayashi

as Fusakichi's mother

Sumio Takatsu

as Fusakichi's mother

Masakazu Kuwayama

as Mr. Numata

Nakajirô Tomita

as Head Priest

Yoshio Omori

as Village Chief

Chieko Misaki

as Mrs. Umemura


Miyoji Ieki


Ichiro Kato

Ichiro Kato Sound Recordist

Kan Inoue

Kan Inoue Cinematography

Tadashi Morizono

Tadashi Morizono Assistant Director

Kan Inoue

Kan Inoue Director of Photography

Sei Ikeno

Original Music Composer

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