Cantata Trailer

Cantata Trailer (1963)

28 February 1963 Drama 94 mins

A young doctor undergoes a spiritual crisis when he returns to his rural home.

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International Releases Dates

Hungary 28 February 1963

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Cantata Miklos Jancso 1963

Cantata Miklos Jancso 1963.

Bach - Cantata "Nach dir Herr verlanget mich" / "Lord my soul doth thirst for thee" - BWV 150

Composed Arnstadt 1703? No religious occasion specified. Fredrike Sailer soprano / Hanne Manche contralto Nikolaus Paid tenor / Robert Titsse bass Reinhold Barchet violin;

J.S. Bach - Cantata "Ich habe genug" - BWV 82

Bach Johann Sebatian (ruolo: Compositore) Berliner Mottettenchor (ruolo: Coro) Das Ristenpart Kammerorchester (ruolo: Orchestra) Fischer-Dieskau Dietrich (ruolo: Baritono) Ristenpart

Super Robot 28 | Sigla italiana cantata da Stefano Bersola & Emanuela Torriani

Super Robot 28 | Sigla italiana cantata da Stefano Bersola e Emanuela Torriani Facebook: Iscriviti per altri Video:...


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