O Lucky Man! Trailer

O Lucky Man! Trailer (1973)

"Smile while you're makin' it. Laugh while you're takin' it. Even though you're fakin' it. Nobody's gonna know..." 25 March 1973 Fantasy, Drama, Comedy 183 mins

This sprawling, surrealist musical serves as an allegory for the pitfalls of capitalism, as it follows the adventures of a young coffee salesman in Europe.

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Malcolm McDowell

as Michael Arnold Travis / Plantation Thief

Malcolm McDowell

as Michael Arnold Travis

Ralph Richardson

as Sir James Burgess / Monty

Ralph Richardson

as Sir James Burgess

Rachel Roberts

as Gloria Rowe / Madame Paillard / Mrs. Richards

Arthur Lowe

as Mr. Duff / Charlie Johnson / Dr. Munda

Helen Mirren

as Patricia / Casting Assistant

Helen Mirren

as Patricia

Graham Crowden

as Stewart / Prof. Millar / Meths Drinker

Peter Jeffrey

as Factory Chairman / Prison Governor

Dandy Nichols

as Tea Lady / Neighbour

Mona Washbourne

as Neighbour / Usher / Sister Hallett

Philip Stone

as Jenkins / Interrogator / Salvation Army Major

Alan Price

as Himself

Mary MacLeod

as Mary Ball / Salvationist / Vicar's Wife (as Mary Macleod)

Michael Bangerter

as William / Interrogator / Assistant / Released Prisoner


Alan Withy

Alan Withy Art Direction

Alan Price

Original Music Composer

Basil Keys

Basil Keys Associate Producer

Miroslav Ondříček

Miroslav Ondříček Director of Photography

International Titles

О, щастливецо Trailer

Un hombre de suerte Trailer

Oh Lucky Man! Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 25 March 1973

United States 13 June 1973

Production Companies

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O Lucky Man! (1973) Official Trailer - Malcolm McDowell Helen Mirren Movie HD

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Un hombre de suerte O Lucky Man! Lindsay Anderson 1973 Subtitulos en espaol

O Lucky Man! full hd movie trailer.

O Lucky Man! (Lindsay Anderson 1973) - Part 1

O Lucky Man! full hd movie trailer.

O Lucky Man! (1973) – Malcolm McDowell & Helen Mirren

O Lucky Man! (1973) – Malcolm McDowell & Helen Mirren Watch O LUCKY MAN! Now! ➤ Click here to try the All New Warner Archive!

scene of the film "O lucky man"(Lindsay Anderson1973)


1973 - Helen Mirren - O Lucky Man [1 3].flv

O Lucky Man; Lindsay Anderson's film of Mick Travis travails through the world of Capitalism. Featuring Helen Mirren & Alan Price.

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