Practical Joke Trailer

Practical Joke Trailer (1977)

10 January 1977 Drama, Romance, Family 96 mins

At high school, some pupils decide to play a 'practical joke' on their teacher. On the day of midterm exam all of them say they she had told them the wrong date for the exam. She almost believed them, but then asked a girl known for her honesty and the girl could not lie. As a result everyone in the class gets an F for that midterm. That's a real problem for some of them - with an F they cannot have perfect GPA and will not enter prestige Universities. They want revenge...

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Dmitriy Kharatyan

as Igor Grushko

Yevgeniya Khanayeva

as Mariya Vasilyevna Devyatova

Natalya Fateeva

as Kaleriya Georgiyevna

Natalya Vavilova

as Taya Petrova

Andrei Gusev

as Oleg Komarovsky

Evdokiya Germanova

as Dasha Rozanova

Zinoviy Gerdt

as Karl Sigizmundovich

Pavel Vinnik

as Semyon Semyonovich

Muza Krepkogorskaya

as Rufina Andreyevna

Oleg Tabakov

as Komarovsky's father

International Releases Dates

Hungary 26 October 1977

Russia 10 January 1977

United States 10 October 1976

Production Companies

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