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Through Fire, Water and... Brass Pipes Trailer (1968)

10 December 1968

Fairytale about heroic Vasya and beautiful Alenushka.

The First Trolleybus Trailer (1963)

12 December 1963

Svetlana, young pretty girl, works as a trolleybus driver in a small town and almost all her permanent passengers are at least a little bit in love with her.

Different Fortunes Trailer (1956)

21 September 1956

The film’s young heroes happened to be the participants of several love triangles at once. Infidel¦

It Can't Be! Trailer (1975)

23 October 1975

The movie includes three diffirent skits, including different actors. The first skit is about a store owner who steals goods from himself.

Officers Trailer (1971)

26 July 1971

Two friends are army officers, and the turbulent times throw them from the Civil War in the early 20s to the Soviet conflict in Finland, from China to the Urals.

The Guardian Trailer (1970)

01 December 1970

A young a lazy man becomes a guardian of an old lady.

Dangerous for Your Life! Trailer (1985)

01 August 1985

A funny comedy about a very adventurous day in a life of Stepan Molodtsov - a very responsible youn man.

Attention, All Posts! Trailer (1985)

26 August 1985

A former army paratrooper starts working in the police and almost immediately is forced to fight a dangerous criminal.

Practical Joke Trailer (1977)

10 January 1977

At high school, some pupils decide to play a 'practical joke' on their teacher. On the day of midterm exam all of them say they she had told them the wrong date for the exam.

Married Bachelor Trailer (1982)

30 April 1982

After meeting Tamara during the long trip on the train Sergey decided to pose as Tamara's husband in front of her parents.

Incident in the Taiga Trailer (1953)

19 December 1953

Young scientist is going to taiga for his experiments but meets poachers on the way.

Don't Forget... Lugovaya Station Trailer (1966)

01 June 1966

During WWII a troop train is stuck at a small railway station. A young lieutenant gets close to a local girl, then the war separates them.

Valerka, Remka + ... Trailer (1970)

01 July 1970

A story about first love of two boys and a neighbor girl...