The Adventures of Picasso Trailer

The Adventures of Picasso Trailer (1978)

20 May 1978 Comedy 118 mins

Already in his childhood, Pablo Picasso shows talent for painting and is sent to the Academy of Arts in Madrid. He becomes a painter but has to live in Paris in poverty. But one day he is discovered by a rich American millionaire and starts to earn money. But he wastes his talent by painting plates. He meets the famous people of the 1920s; Gertrude Stein, Alice B. Toklas, Appolinaire, Hitler and Churchill. Plot by Mattias Thuresson.

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Gösta Ekman

as Picasso

Hans Alfredson

as Don Jose

Margaretha Krook

as Dona Maria

Lena Olin

as Dolores

Lena Nyman

as Sirkka

Toivo Pawlo

as Elsa Beskow / Narrator (voice)

Per Oscarsson

as Apollinaire

Birgitta Andersson

as Ingrid Svensson-Guggenheim

Sune Mangs

as Churchill

Bernard Cribbins

as Gertrude Stein / Narrator (voice)


Hans Alfredson

Hans Alfredson Production Design

Gunnar Svensson

Original Music Composer

Eva Möller

Original Music Composer

Tony Forsberg

Tony Forsberg Cinematography

Tony Forsberg

Tony Forsberg Director of Photography

Roland Sterner

Roland Sterner Director of Photography

Stig Boqvist

Stig Boqvist Art Direction

International Titles

Die Abentuer des Herrn Picasso Trailer

Picassos eventyr Trailer

Los aventuras de Picasso Trailer

Picasson seikkailut Trailer

Les folles aventures de Picasso Trailer

De dolle dwaze Avonturen van Picasso Trailer

Picassos eventyr Trailer

Przygody Picassa Trailer

Picassos äventyr Trailer

The Adventures of Picasso Trailer

International Releases Dates

Sweden 20 May 1978

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The Adventures of Picasso full hd movie trailer.

The Adventures of Picasso


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