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Hans Gösta Gustaf Ekman (born July 28, 1939 in Stockholm) is a Swedish actor.

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Wild Strawberries Trailer (1957)

26 December 1957

Crotchety retired doctor Isak Borg travels from Stockholm to Lund, Sweden, with his pregnant and unhappy daughter-in-law, Marianne, in order to receive an honorary degree from his alma mater.

The Man on the Balcony Trailer (1993)

26 November 1993

A serial-killer attacks and murders young girls in the parks of Stockholm. The police have trouble finding any evidence to find the killer.

The Magician Trailer (1958)

26 December 1958

Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician (Ansiktet) is an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of deceit from one of cinema’s premier illusionists.

Släpp fångarne loss - det är vår! Trailer (1975)

06 December 1975

Small and short Frida lives with her long, tall friend in a house in the countryside. Frida rejects the idea that people who has commited crimes should be locked up.

Face to Face Trailer (1976)

05 April 1976

A sensitive exploration of the tragic irony of the psychiatrist suffering with mental illness.

The Adventures of Picasso Trailer (1978)

20 May 1978

Already in his childhood, Pablo Picasso shows talent for painting and is sent to the Academy of Arts in Madrid.

Jönssonligan på Mallorca Trailer (1989)

03 November 1989

Vanheden and Dynamit-Harry, together with Harry's fiancée Doris, are in Mallorca while Sickan is still in Stockholm.

The Softening of the Egg Trailer (1975)

17 March 1975

A fairy tale and satire about a wealthy industrialist, whose son has been subdued and oppressed and totally uninterested in his father's business.

Docking the Boat Trailer (1965)

26 December 1965

A group of party goers have trouble getting their boat ashore on a small island. The inhabitants of the island try to help, often with the help of an old sailor, and the results are absurd and hilarious.

Thunderclump Trailer (1974)

26 September 1974

Dunderklumpen lives all alone in the mountains of Jämtland. One Midsummer's Eve when he feels very lonely he sets off on a journey to find friends.

Jönssonligan och Dynamit-Harry Trailer (1982)

17 September 1982

SOPOR Trailer (1981)

21 March 1981

A Monday morning a bunch of kids from Farsta attacks the royal house and keep the king under house arrest at the castle.

The Simple-Minded Murderer Trailer (1982)

12 February 1982

The feeble-minded Sven's mother dies and he gets work as a farm-hand at the rich, affluent Höglund's farm.

Beware of the Jönsson Gang Trailer (1981)

04 December 1981

The movie begins with the Jönsson gang making a minor burglary. It goes wrong and the gang leader, Sickan, gets caught.

Illusive Tracks Trailer (2003)

25 December 2003

Christmas 1945. In a train from Stockholm to Berlin are a motley collection. It is the failure of the author Gunnar who wants to leave his old life and make a contribution in Berlin; physician Henry who plan to marry Marie and likewise Henry's current wife Karin, who he plans to kill during the journey, the middle-aged gay couple Pompe and Sixten, a soldier going to Uppsala but is on the wrong train: the cheerful and cynical old Margaret, and a dressed elf and a surly conductor.

The Apple War Trailer (1971)

18 December 1971

A German businessman wants to buy land in southern Sweden for a gigantic amusement park, his new project called "Deutschneyland" (a wordplay of Deutschland and Disneyland).

One in a Million Trailer (1995)

25 August 1995

Torsten Södergren lives in a normal house with his normal family in a completely normal city. Every morning he greets his normal neighbours before getting into his normal car and drives the usual way to his ordinary work at an ordinary bank.

Jönssonligan dyker upp igen Trailer (1986)

24 October 1986

Criminal trio strike at furniture store, discover a secret network for shipping computers to the Soviet Union.

The Fire Engine That Disappeared Trailer (1993)

02 July 1993

A routine mission ends up in a flaming inferno when a house suddenly explodes. It looks like a spectacular suicide attempt but the technical investigation reveals unexpected evidence.

The Man Who Quit Smoking Trailer (1972)

16 December 1972

The Plot focuses on Dante Alighieri, a young man who loves smoking. When his father dies Dante inherits $17 million on one special condition: He must give up smoking in 14 days and then stay smoke-free for an entire year.

Jönssonligan får guldfeber Trailer (1984)

19 October 1984

Sickan has a new plan. This time, the gang are going to steal a small computer micro chip which contains.

Duet for Cannibals Trailer (1969)

24 September 1969

A university professor and his wife hire a young man to help the professor arrange his papers for publication.

Out of an Old Man's Head Trailer (1968)

06 December 1968

After being admitted to a residential home starts the retired bricklayer Johan to dream back to his childhood - the safe upbringing with his parents, the first love, and how he with a broken heart ran away from home, and was forced to fend for himself.

Polismördaren Trailer (1994)

01 January 1994

A woman is found murdered in a closed amusement park. A young couple who happen to be there at the same time become, without their knowledge, suspects for the murder.

Murder at the Savoy Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A famous industrialist is murdered at a restaurant in Malmoe. Police inspector Martin Beck in Stockholm gets the case.

Gräsänklingar Trailer (1982)

15 December 1982

Gary's wife going away and he drives her to the airport. Gary has planned a week of hard work but at the airport he met Lasse, and then becomes nothing that Gary had in mind.

Hasse Alfredson - Ett porträtt Trailer (2017)

14 September 2017

The Inside Man Trailer (1984)

31 August 1984

In 1981, after the successful test of a submarine tracker device developed by the Swedish scientist Paul Mandell and sponsored by the US government through his representative Miller, his industry is totally burned and the laser device is stolen.

Peas and Whiskers Trailer (1986)

08 February 1986

A Comedy by Gösta Ekman.

Stöten Trailer (1961)

04 September 1961

"The Heist" - Four young criminals are planning a heist against a racecourse and in order to obtain a seed capital they rob a gambling den.

Stockholm Marathon Trailer (1994)

01 July 1994

A gardener decides to exact revenge on the men he believes to be responsible for the death of his mentally disturbed wife.

Swing it, fröken Trailer (1956)

20 October 1956

There is a new English teacher in school, Miss Lind. She moves in with the Nilssons, whose son Sigge prefers playing with his trumpet than to study German.

Kronvittnet Trailer (1989)

03 February 1989

A movie by Jon Lindström

Roseanna Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved.

Skuggan av Mart Trailer (1966)

21 February 1966

About the foolish and lost Gabriel who lives entirely in the shadow of his brother, the brave soldier Mart who died in the war and is continuously immortalized by the dominant mother.

Gustav III Trailer (1974)

08 April 1974

Based on play by famous swedish author/playwright August Strindberg adapted for swedish TV in 70's. It's about the real life assassination on swedish king Gustav III who was killed by a lieutenant Jacob Johan Anckarström who acted on behalf of a group conspirators.

Från och med Herr Gunnar Papphammar Trailer (1981)

20 February 1981

Fröken Fleggmans mustasch Trailer (1984)

13 September 1984

A Swedish comedy classic.

Unmarried Couples: A Comedy That Will Break You Up Trailer (1997)

29 October 1997

Marie and David are always arguing while their friends Sara and Samuel always seem to be happy together.

Wonderful Adventures of Nils Trailer (1962)

12 September 1962

Nils lives with his parents in the south of Sweden. He is a naughty boy and teases like the animals on the farm.

Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang Trailer (2005)

14 October 2005

The movie is based on Barbro Lindgrens popular and absurd comical books Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang (1969) and Loranga, Loranga (1970).

Mannen som blev miljonär Trailer (1980)

17 May 1980

The terrorist Fors arrested after an attack on a OPEC meeting. Shortly afterwards town minister's daughter gets kidnapped by two men who require Fors be released and that he will flight phase to Albania.

Nu är pappa trött igen! Trailer (1996)

29 August 1996

A movie by Marie-Louise De Geer Bergenstråhle.

Macklean Trailer (1993)

08 April 1993

Sweden in the 1780s. At the court the nobility lords and ladies dance, love, intrigue and compete for the King's favor.

En kärleks sommar Trailer (1979)

21 February 1979

David, a middle-aged researcher, lives happily with his wife Ingrid and their kids. By a coincident he meets and falls in love with a young woman named Eva.

Shit Happens Trailer (2000)

18 February 2000

A young couple, Sophia (Josefin Nilsson) and Freddie (Jacob Ericsson) has just got their first baby, but this little thing makes their lives way to complicated and difficult for them to handle.

Heaven and Pancakes Trailer (1959)

02 November 1959

Sequel to Sjunde himlen (1956). Dr. Lovisa Sundelius (Sickan Carlsson) and radio host Willy Lorens (t

Seventh Heaven Trailer (1956)

11 June 1956

Famous radio personality Willy Lorens has a big success with the radio series "Seventh Heaven." The amount of fan mail and attention eventually becomes too much for Willy, who suffers a minor collapse.

Med glorian på sned Trailer (1957)

01 July 1957

A secretary at a publishing company, Birgitta, writes a novel, based on her secret love of her boss. She sends it anonymously to her own company, who decides to publish it.

Farbrorn som inte vill va' stor Trailer (1979)

25 December 1979

Ragnar works in an office. He turns 33 in May, and he has 45 in shoes. Ragnar has a vivid imagination.

Asta Nilsson's companion Trailer (2005)

15 April 2005

A very old lady has lost her way in a city and a distinguished gentleman decides to follow her home.

Som natt och dag Trailer (1969)

13 February 1969

Television hostess Susanne has an affair with Rikard, who is a doctor at a hospital. But after meeting the man who Rikard works for, Professor Erland Roos, she leaves Rikard and eventually marries the professor.

You Are My Adventure Trailer (1958)

24 March 1958

Two journalists marry each other but Tore is unhappy that his wife is ambitious in her career instead of their household.

Yngsjömordet Trailer (1966)

01 October 1966

Sweden 1889. The young Per Nilsson has a very dominant mother, Anna Maansdotter. His father died many years ago.

Kalabaliken i Bender Trailer (1983)

26 August 1983

The famous Swedish Karoliner army has suffered its biggest defeat ever at Poltava in 1709. The Swedish king Karl XII is waiting in the small village of Bender for the Turkish sulton to help him defeat his arch enemy, the czar of Russia, Peter the Great.

Skulden Trailer (1982)

15 January 1982

Rune Strand is a married journalist with children in a suburb of Stockholm. He is also concerned with the economy.

The Last Night Trailer (1928)

11 October 1928

A film by A. W. Sandberg.

The glass in the ear Trailer (1974)

31 July 1974

Glaset i örat is a revue by Hans Alfredson and Tage Danielsson. It was recorded at Berns in Stockholm 1973 and on tour during the spring of 1974.

Lucie Trailer (1979)

07 September 1979

Norwegian: The late 19th century Christiania (Oslo) could offer a rich variety of entertainment. There were several variety theatres and brothels, and poor women could earn money based on their looks.

Subterranian Secrets Trailer (1991)

21 February 1991

The ten year old Nisse suffers from acute asthma and is rushed to the hospital. There he meets Lelle who is a bitter, lonely and seriously ill twelve-year-old.