Stockholm Marathon Trailer

Stockholm Marathon Trailer (1994)

01 July 1994 Thriller, Crime 87 mins

A gardener decides to exact revenge on the men he believes to be responsible for the death of his mentally disturbed wife.

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Gösta Ekman

as Martin Beck

Kjell Bergqvist

as Lennart Kollberg

Rolf Lassgård

as Gunvald Larsson

Niklas Hjulström

as Benny Skacke

Corinna Harfouch

as Monica Lundin

Jonas Falk

as Stig Malm

Mats Huddén

as Bo Hellström

Anna Godenius

as fru Petrus

Örjan Ramberg

as Ypsilons manager

Mona Seilitz

as förman på Trädgårdshallen

Johanna Westman

as Reporter

International Releases Dates

Sweden 01 July 1994

Production Companies

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Stockholm marathon Full Movie

Stockholm Marathon full hd movie trailer.

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Stockholm Marathon1994. Русский перевод. © MODERN TALKING. RUSSIAN FANS Архив2014

Stockholm Marathon full hd movie trailer.

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May 31st 2014 Benjamin Bitok from Kenya winner of Stockholm Marathon race. Time: 2h 13 min.

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