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Songs from the Second Floor Trailer (2000)

06 October 2000

A film poem inspired by the Peruvian poet César Vallejo. A story about our need for love, our confusion, greatness and smallness and, most of all, our vulnerability.

Dancer in the Dark Trailer (2000)

17 May 2000

Selma, a Czech immigrant on the verge of blindness, struggles to make ends meet for herself and her son, who has inherited the same genetic disorder and will suffer the same fate without an expensive operation.

True Siblings Trailer (2000)

13 September 2000

The siblings Linus, 19-years-old, who are taking driving license and Vanja, 17-years-old, who's still in school.

Lotta Leaves Home Trailer (1993)

18 September 1993

A feisty five-year-old girl Lotta decides to move away from home. And no, she doesn't want to put on the stupid sweater.

Gossip Trailer (2000)

24 December 2000

Ten actresses test films for the title role of a remake of "Queen Christina".

Faithless Trailer (2000)

15 September 2000

Scripted by Ingmar Bergman, this very personal film is about a destructive affair which wrecks the marriage of an actress (Marianne) and musician (Markus).

Lotta on Rascal Street Trailer (1992)

07 July 1992

Lotta is a five old girl living in Sweden with her mother, father, brother and sister. She is living the very normal life of all children of her age.

The Sacred Mound Trailer (1993)

29 October 1993

A seven-year-old boy is sent to a farm on a remote island, when his mother goes abroad. On the island the boy gets to know a twenty-year-old woman who seems willing to take on a mother's role.

In the Shadow of the Raven Trailer (1988)

22 October 1988

Trausti returns to Iceland just in time to be entangled in a family feud over a stranded whale-cadaver.

Jerusalem Trailer (1996)

05 September 1996

Members of a devout Christian congregation try to start a new life in Palestine.

Nils Karlsson Pyssling Trailer (1990)

09 November 1990

Nils Karlsson Pyssling is a 1990 Swedish family film based on the novel with the same name by Astrid Lindgren.

Peter and Petra Trailer (1989)

25 December 1989

A short story from the book Nils Karlsson Pyssling.

Highest Jump Trailer (1989)

23 March 1989

A family movie about Albin and Stig who are always competing against each other.

The Slingshot Trailer (1993)

24 September 1993

Stocholm in the 1920s. Young Roland lives with his socialist father, Jewish mother and a boxing brother.

Vildanden Trailer (1989)

03 September 1989

Based on Ibsen play.

Murder at the Savoy Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A famous industrialist is murdered at a restaurant in Malmoe. Police inspector Martin Beck in Stockholm gets the case.

Once in a Lifetime Trailer (2000)

10 November 2000

Mona Bergström is a sweet eurovision-obsessed woman in her 30's. She is married to a lazy husband and have 4 children, all named after her favorite Swedish eurovision popstars.

The Dogs of Riga Trailer (1995)

09 November 1995

A lifeboat floats ashore at the coast of Skåne. Inside are two dead men who who've been murdered. Policeman Kurt Wallander is assigned to the case.

Friends Trailer (1988)

05 May 1988

A film by Kjell-Åke Andersson.

Everyone Loves Alice Trailer (2002)

04 October 2002

A love triangle between a man, two women and three children. When love suddenly explodes in these people's everyday lives, it creates a pressure wave that changes the lives of everyone.

Agnes Cecilia - En sällsam historia Trailer (1991)

28 August 1991

Nora is 15 years old. Her parents died when she was young and now she lives with Anders and Karin and their son Dag.

Ambush Trailer (1999)

22 January 1999

It is the summer of 1941 and the Finnish army has been mobilized along the border with Russia. A platoon led by Lt.

Den gråtande ministern Trailer (1992)

31 December 1992

The Defence Minister Sven Cedevall, a popular politician and happily married family father, isn't the kind of man who should risk what he got for a temporary relation.

Svensson, Svensson - The Movie Trailer (1997)

19 December 1997

Lena Svensson has been offered a new and exiting job in Stockholm that she can't say no to. But her husband, Gustav, has no plan of what so ever to move from his quiet little town of Vivalla, and especially his job as a very proud postman.

Harry & Sonja Trailer (1996)

08 February 1996

The love affair between Harry & Sonja.

Roseanna Trailer (1993)

06 October 1993

A young American girl is found dead in Gota Kanal, Swedens largest channel. Since there are hardly any clues or evidence at all it seems as if the murder cant be solved.

The Confession Trailer (2001)

01 January 2001

A couple from Estonia visits a town in Sweden. One of the locals visits them a few times until one night things get out of hand after a few drinks.

Hammar Trailer (1992)

20 February 1992

A movie by Håkan Alexandersson.

World of Glory Trailer (1992)

01 January 1992

The narrative portrays a plain man who guides the viewer through his life in a bleakly stylised world.

Kejsarn av Portugallien Trailer (1991)

31 December 1991

TV Mini-Series

Ålder okänd Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

A Swedish TV Mini-series directed by Richard Hobert.

The White Lioness Trailer (1996)

01 November 1996

In Cape Town, a police inspector named September color discovers that the dreaded Mabasha, hired murderer, is in talks with a right-wing organization.

In the Presence of a Clown Trailer (1997)

01 November 1997

Inventor Carl Åkerblom is a rosy-cheeked 54 year-old admirer of Franz Schubert - and a patient in the psychiatric ward of Akademiska Hospital in Uppsala, after having attempted to beat to death his fiancée, Pauline Thibault.

A Song for Martin Trailer (2001)

16 March 2001

Martin, conductor of a symphonic orchestra, meet Barbara, violine player and they start a relationship.

Speak Up! It's So Dark Trailer (1993)

19 February 1993

Psychological drama about the meeting between a neo-nazi and a Jewish doctor.

Drömprinsen - Filmen om Em Trailer (1996)

08 February 1996

14-year old Em likes to hang around in her old play house. One day a boy, Jakob, sets fire to it, and Em catches a brief glimpse of him before he disappears.

1939 Trailer (1989)

23 December 1989

When the war breaks out, Annika lives with her parents in Värmland, close to the border to Norway. Her cousin Harald is a dealer in the black market but has to escape from the police to Norway.

Zorn Trailer (1994)

19 August 1994

Dramatised biography of Swedish painter Anders Zorn.

Kan du vissla Johanna? Trailer (1994)

24 December 1994

Young Berra has a friend, Ulf. Ulf has a grandfather which he likes very much, he gives Ulf presents and takes him on fishing trips.

Fire-Eater Trailer (1998)

29 October 1998

The twin sisters Helena and Irene are born in Helsinki during World War II. A few months later their mother, Sirkka, leaves the girls in the care of their grandmother, an old communist, and runs away with a German soldier.

Glenn Killing at Grand Trailer (2000)

31 December 2000

Glenn Killing and the gang live at Grand

Glädjekällan Trailer (1993)

11 November 1993

This is story about an elderly man who's wife has just passed away. He is carrying her remains in an antique vase for burial at their cottage in the country.

Adam & Eva Trailer (1997)

14 February 1997

Spring För Livet Trailer (1997)

19 September 1997

A thriller by Richard Hobert.

Inspector Winter: Frozen Tracks Trailer (2004)

04 April 2004

It's autumn in Gothenburg and an anxious mother calls the police; her little boy was lured into a car by a man offering sweets.

The Last Gasp Trailer (1995)

05 January 1995

A fictional meeting at the headquarter of the Swedish Film Industry between the former director Georg af Klercker and the business man behind SF (Svensk film): Director Charles Magnusson.

Their Frozen Dream Trailer (1997)

03 October 1997

Poetic documentary about the polar expedition of S. A. Andrée which Troell had previously dramatized in "Ingenjör Andrées luftfärd" (1982).

The Man on the Balcony Trailer (1993)

26 November 1993

A serial-killer attacks and murders young girls in the parks of Stockholm. The police have trouble finding any evidence to find the killer.

Skånska Mord - Esarparen Trailer (1986)

05 March 1986

Esarparen is a man who a long time wished death of his wife and suddenly is accused of murdering her. He protests his innocence. Does he speak the true or is he the man who could kill his own wife?

Nature's Warrior Trailer (1997)

20 February 1997

13 year old Kim feels at home in the wilderness. One night, nature's soul appears to him in the form of an Indian, and designates him nature's protector.

As White as in Snow Trailer (2001)

15 February 2001

Inspired by real-life Elsa Andersson, this mostly fictional movie tells the story of her upbringing as a farmer's daughter, in the early 1900s, who dreams of getting away from the farm and becoming an aviatrix.

Sommarmord Trailer (1994)

10 February 1994

Sture is a rich alcoholic who has taken a trip to Mallorca to drink himself to death. But he meets Sylvia and they start a relationship.

Tartuffe - hycklaren Trailer (1997)

05 January 1997

Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude Trailer (1998)

06 October 1998

It was one of humankind's most epic quests - a technical problem so complex that it challenged the best minds of its time, a problem so important that the nation that solved it would rule the economy of the world.

Family Secrets Trailer (2001)

26 January 2001

Autumn 1978 in suburban Sweden. Everything seems to be fine with the middle class Bendrick family with their two teenage children and a younger son, until the mother starts seeing her first love again after 20 years.

Händerna Trailer (1994)

28 June 1994

A newcomer comes to live in the village, it is soon found out that he has a special gift. He can find oil with his hands.

Välkommen till festen Trailer (1997)

25 December 1997

While her parents are absent, Isabell has invited a few of her closest, best-behaving friends to celebrate New Year's Eve in her house.

Dödsklockan Trailer (1999)

24 September 1999

Seven friends try to keep a secret.

Månguden Trailer (1988)

23 September 1988

A serial killer who slaughters campers is on the loose in Sweden. The lead detectives make a breakthrough when the killer, a cloaked figure wielding a sword and a strange mask, sends the police a video recording.

Den svarta cirkeln Trailer (1989)

31 December 1989

A TV Mini-Series