The Repeating Student Winked at Dean Trailer

The Repeating Student Winked at Dean Trailer (1980)

14 August 1980 Comedy 98 mins

Rich girl Angela returns to school and falls for the local hunk. But when he refuses her advances, she pretends to be in love with the principal instead.

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Lino Banfi

as Rodolfo Calabrone

Anna Maria Rizzoli

as Angela Pastorelli

Alvaro Vitali

as Beccafico

Carlo Sposito

as Don Evaristo

Ria De Simone

as Monica Zappa

Chris Avram

as Lino Pastorelli

Leo Colonna

as Carlo Lucignani

Walter Valdi

as il padre di Carlo

Ermelinda De Felice

as Cesira, la governante del preside

Jimmy il Fenomeno

as Vincenzo il receptionist

Renzo Ozzano

as l'uomo nella camera d'albergo

Chris Avram

as l'industriale Lino Pastorelli

Walter Margara

as Serafino

International Titles

Flotte Teens und die Schulschwänzerin Trailer

La estudiante, el rector y Jaimito el play-boy Trailer

La estudiante, el rector y Jaimito el playboy Trailer

International Releases Dates

Spain 23 February 1982

Italy 14 August 1980

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