Sweet Dreams Trailer

Sweet Dreams Trailer (1981)

10 September 1981 Comedy 105 mins

Michele Apicella is a young film and theater director, who lives his troubles as an artist. In Italy reach the Eighties, and Michele, who was contestant in the Sixties, now finds himself in a new era full of crisis of values and ignorance. So Michele, with his works, meants to represent the typical outcast and left indifferent intellectual outcast who establishes a breach between him and the world of ordinary people.

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Nanni Moretti

as Michele Apicella

Laura Morante

as Silvia

Piera Degli Esposti

as Madre di Michele

Gigio Morra

as Gigio Cimino

Giampiero Mughini

as Presentatore TV

International Releases Dates

Italy 10 September 1981

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