Love's Labour's Lost Trailer

Love's Labour's Lost Trailer (1985)

05 January 1985 Drama, Comedy, Music 120 mins

When the King of Navarre and three of his cronies swear to spend all their days in study and not to look at any girls, they've forgotten that the daughter of the King of France is coming on a diplomatic visit. And the lady herself and her attendants play merry havoc with their intentions.

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Maureen Lipman

as The Princess of France

Jonathan Kent

as Ferdinand, King of Navarre

Jonathan Kent

as Ferdinand, King of Navarre

Christopher Blake

as Longaville

Mike Gwilym

as Berowne

Jenny Agutter

as Rosaline

David Warner

as Don Armado

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 05 January 1985

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Love's Labour's Lost movie trailer

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Love's Labour's Lost

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Love's Labour's Lost Trailer


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