Monster in the Closet Trailer

Monster in the Closet Trailer (1986)

"It's Out! It's Out! It's Out!" 15 May 1986 Horror 90 mins

After several people and a dog are found dead in their closets a "mild-mannered" reporter, a college professor, her son and a befuddled professor band together to uncover the mystery but not without involving the U.S. Army and mass panic.

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Claude Akins

as Sheriff Sam Ketchem

Howard Duff

as Father Finnegan

Henry Gibson

as Dr. Pennyworth

Donald Moffat

as General Turnbull

John Carradine

as Old Joe Shempter

Paul Walker

as 'Professor' Bennett


as Lucy

Kevin Peter Hall

as The Monster

Denise DuBarry

as Professor Diane Bennett


Bob Dahlin


International Titles

Ein Kr├╝melmonster ist im Haus Trailer

Monster Trailer

International Releases Dates

Brazil 14 May 1986

Germany 15 October 2002

France 15 May 1986

United States 30 January 1987

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Monster In The Closet Trailer 1987

Monster In The Closet Trailer 1987 Director: Bob Dahlin Starring: Denise DuBarry Donald Grant Donald Moffat Henry Gibson Howard Duff Stella Stevens Official Content From Lorimar

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A Paul Walker edit of the 1983 B-grade horror film Monster in the Closet. There's also Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas at the beginning of the film but her and Paul don't have any

Monster In The Closet- staring Paul Walker!

San Francisco is the scene for a series of bizarre murders all of which took place in the victim??s closet. A local newspaper editor sends his obituary writer to follow up on what he

Monster in the Closet - 1986

Monster in the Closet full hd movie trailer.

Trailer VHS - Monster in the Closet

Une perle de chez Avec un simili Clark Kent et un monstre improbable. Au fait allez donc soutenir le crowdfunding de "Sherlock Holmes contre Frankenstein" ! C'est ici :

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