Party Camp Trailer

Party Camp Trailer (1987)

"Party your brains out. Get crazy. Cause serious damage. Just another typical summer at... Party Camp" 19 June 1987 96 mins

A teenage boy takes a job as a counselor at a summer camp. He finds that the camp is run like a military training camp, and he resolves to turn it into Party Central.

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Andrew Ross

as Jerry Riviera

Kerry Wall

as Heather Morris (as Kerry Brennan)

Billy Jayne

as D.A. (as Billy Jacoby)

Jewel Shepard

as Dyanne Stein

Kirk Cribb

as Tad Whitneyworth

Peter Jason

as Sarge


Gary Graver


International Releases Dates

United States 19 June 1987

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Party Camp 1987 VHSRip

Party Camp 1987 VHSRip.

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Party Camp 1987 - FULL MOVIE.

Party Camp — Movie Trailer (1987) — 80s Nudie Cutey Film with bikini

Party Camp (1987) Movie Trailer Party Camp is an American comedy film released in 1987. The plot revolved around a teenager (Andrew Ross) who takes a job as a summer camp counselor only

I'm Going to Party Camp!

Come to party camp where you can break all the rules! Forget about your parents have a good time party camp! From the blockbuster 1987 film Party Camp! Lightning Entertainment.

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PARTY CAMP otherwise know as TASTY UNITS!

so I starred in this flick called "Party Camp" back in the 90's. Silly movie. Starring Andrew Ross - Rick Schroder (wait! No he just came to hang out on the set and play

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