Death of a Tea Master Trailer

Death of a Tea Master Trailer (1989)

07 October 1989 Drama, History 107 mins

Years after the death of legendary tea master Rikyu, his disciple Honkakubo attempts to resolve the mystery of the master's death.

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Eiji Okuda

as Honkakubo

Toshirō Mifune

as Rikyu Sen-no

Gô Katô

as Oribe Furuta

Kinnosuke Nakamura

as Urakusai Oda

Shinsuke Ashida

as Hideyoshi Toyotomi

Tsunehiko Kamijô

as Soji Yamagami

Taro Kawano

as Sotan Sen-no

Teizou Muta

as Daitokuya


Kei Kumai


Masao Tochizawa

Masao Tochizawa Cinematography

Takeo Kimura

Takeo Kimura Art Direction

Takeo Kimura

Takeo Kimura Production Design

Teizô Matsumura

Original Music Composer

Masao Tochizawa

Masao Tochizawa Director of Photography

International Titles

La muerte de un maestro de té Trailer

La mort d'un maître de thé Trailer

Sen no Rikyū: Honkakubo's Student Writings Trailer

Sen no Rikyu: Honkakubô ibun Trailer

Death of a Tea Master Trailer

International Releases Dates

United States 01 May 1990

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