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Rurouni Kenshin Trailer (2012)

25 August 2012

Former legendary assassin Kenshin Himura has now become a wandering samurai. Offering aid & protecting those in need as atonement for his past deeds.

Falling Camellia Trailer (2018)

28 September 2018

During the Edo period, a gifted swordsman was exiled from his clan when he questioned the misconduct of his leader.

Death of a Tea Master Trailer (1989)

07 October 1989

Years after the death of legendary tea master Rikyu, his disciple Honkakubo attempts to resolve the mystery of the master's death.

If Cats Disappeared From the World Trailer (2016)

14 May 2016

A postman learns that he doesn't have much time left to live due to a terminal illness. A devil then appears in front of him and offers to extend his life if he picks something in the world that will disappear.

Minazuki Trailer (1999)

23 October 1999

Akira's wife walks out on him, leaving him to confide in his gangster brother-in-law. Using only a cryptic note as a clue the two brothers go on a road trip to find his wife.

Born Bone Born Trailer (2018)

21 July 2018

A visibly pregnant Yuko returns home to find her family still grappling with the recent passing of her mother, Emiko, while her father becomes increasingly withdrawn and her older brother hopelessly combative.

An Adolescent Trailer (2001)

28 September 2001

Tomokawa is a tough guy turned bored cop who spends much of his time sating lonely housewives and looking after retarded teen Sukemasa.

64: Part 2 Trailer (2016)

01 June 2016

1989 is the 64 Shouwa year in the Japanese calendar, thus the unsolved girl kidnapping-murder case is called "64(rokuyon)" that got up in this year in Criminal Investigation Department in the Prefectural Police Department.

The Sea Is Watching Trailer (2002)

27 July 2002

Based on Akira Kurosawa's final unproduced script, this Edo-period drama takes place almost entirely inside an ocean-village brothel.

64: Part 1 Trailer (2016)

07 May 2016

1989 is the 64 Shouwa year in the Japanese calendar, thus the unsolved girl kidnapping-murder case is called "64(rokuyon)" that got up in this year in Criminal Investigation Department in the Prefectural Police Department.

Black Kiss Trailer (2004)

01 October 2004

Asuka is an aspiring model who moves to Tokyo to pursue her career. She moves into a small apartment with a friend of a friend, Kasumi.

Before the Vigil Trailer (2013)

15 January 2013

Matsuoi (Hiroshi Abe) and his wife Tsuya moved to Oshima City because of her unpredictable character.

The City That Never Sleeps: Shinjuku Shark Trailer (1993)

08 October 1993

Adaptation of the Arimasa Ohsawa novel Shinjuku Shark.

Koto Trailer (2016)

03 December 2016

Chieko Sanda has operated a dry goods store in Kyoto for the past 20 years. Her family has owned the store for generations.

The Sea and Poison Trailer (1986)

17 October 1986

Downed American fliers in WW II are vivisected by Japanese surgeons in medical experiments.

Blood Bead Trailer (2015)

28 August 2015

Shuji Tokita (Eiji Okuda) is a film director and a professor at a university. He goes through a difficult time trying to film his new movie.

Deep River Trailer (1995)

01 April 1995

A group of Japanese tourists try to forget their pasts and find themselves in India. Based on the novel by Endo Shusaku.

Luminous Moss Trailer (1992)

25 April 1992

A headmaster and a novelist, looking for inspiration, regard a strange natural phenomenon before sharing stories of their own.

This Country’s Sky Trailer (2015)

01 August 2015

Set in Tokyo, Japan near the end of World War II. 19-year-old Satoko (Fumi Nikaido) lives with her mother (Youki Kudoh) and her aunt.

Onibi: The Fire Within Trailer (1997)

19 April 1997

After spending over half his life in prison, ex-hitman Kunihiro is determined to go straight. But the shortcomings of the new gangs mean that he is soon having to call on his old-school yakuza talents.

Like a Rolling Stone Trailer (1994)

01 October 1994

Tanaka is a yakuza who collects 'protection money' from establishments. He has just been released from jail, where he had spent eight years, and finds out that his boss wants to get rid of him.

Surgical Designs in Flames Trailer (1986)

24 May 1986

A story of the skilled brain surgeon, Todo, whose talent and ambition are put to test through a series of high risk surgical procedures.

A Long Walk Trailer (2006)

01 April 2006

A lonely retired girl's High School Principal who's lost his wife to alcoholism moves to an old apartment in a country town.

Milocrorze: A Love Story Trailer (2011)

18 February 2011

Three tales of love told through wildly intoxicating, colorful stories. When platinum redhead Ovreneli Vreneligare was just a little boy, he fell in love in the park.

Be Sure to Share Trailer (2009)

01 June 2009

Shiro’s struggle with his father’s cancer and impending death leads to a realization that he must communicate his love and admiration for him before it’s too late.

A Yakuza in Love Trailer (1997)

06 September 1997

When an innocent young country girl falls for a low level yakuza, she enters a completely different world in which the line between good and evil are quickly blurred.

Pride: The Fateful Moment Trailer (1998)

23 May 1998

Based on the International Military Tribunal for the Far East of 1946–48, depicts Japanese prime minister Hideki Tojo (played by Masahiko Tsugawa) as a family man who fought to defend Japan and Asia from western colonialism but was ultimately hanged by a vengeful United States.

No More Easy Life Trailer (1979)

25 December 1979

Mariko is living the life of a typical Japanese college student in the 70's, spending far more of her time balancing boyfriends and part-time jobs than on her schoolwork.

Le Pianiste Trailer (1991)

31 January 1991

Jean and her sister, played by Macha Grenon, have a life long infatuation with the Japanese Pianist who once lived across the street from them during their high school years.

Out of the Wind Trailer (2007)

22 December 2007

High school student Mariko (Ando Sakura) sings in the choir at the all-girls school she attends, and her biggest dream right now is to go to a music college.

Case of Kyoko, Case of Shuichi Trailer (2013)

24 August 2013

Kyoko (Sakura Ando) works as an insurance agent. To regain her family's happiness, she becomes involved in a relationship with her boss.

Yokohama Story Trailer (2013)

16 November 2013

25-year-old Nanami is managing an amateur band. She is broke, cannot pay her rent, and the singer has run off.

Blowing in the Winds of Vietnam Trailer (2015)

17 October 2015

After Misao divorced, she moved to Vietnam. She has always admired the country. There, she works as a Japanese language teacher.

Déracine Trailer (2004)

27 November 2004

A mysterious street-painter, Jouji, wanders aimlessly, homeless. Together with his homeless pals, he makes his living by selling his paintings on the street.

Lost Crime Trailer (2010)

03 July 2010

Veteran detective Masatoshi Takiguchi (Eiji Okuda), who will soon retire, and his young detective partner Maki Katagiri (Dai Watanabe) track a killer in a recent murder case.

May Love Be Restored Trailer (1980)

29 April 1980

A tragic love story between a prostitute and a young trainee monk.

Runin: Banished Trailer (2004)

01 October 2004

In 1838, the prisoners on Hachijo Island represent the furthest extreme of Japanese society. Instead of execution, they have been forced to eke out a dismal existence on the island, without help or support of any kind from those back on the main four islands.

See You at the Campground Trailer (1995)

07 October 1995

Japanese romantic comedy film.

Kitanai yatsu Trailer (1995)

12 August 1995

Based on the comic by Satosumi Takaguchi.

Gendai ninkyoden Trailer (1997)

08 October 1997

Arigatou Trailer (1996)

20 July 1996

Erotic drama based on the comic by Naoki Yamamoto