Notorious Trailer

Notorious Trailer (1992)

"The gripping modern remake of the Hitchcock suspense classic." 28 January 1992 Action, Thriller 95 mins

After Alicia Velorus' father is convicted as a communist spy, CIA asks her to prove her loyalty by getting close to her father's friend, who's a suspected arms dealer. In the meantime she and her CIA contact Devlin fall in love.

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John Shea

as Devlin

Igor De Savitch

as General Genayev

Jenny Robertson

as Alicia Velorus

Jean-Pierre Cassel

as Alex Sebastian

Marisa Berenson

as Katarina Sebastian

Paul Guilfoyle

as Norman Prescott

Albert Pariente

as Terek Al-Hassan

Marc Samuel

as Mario Tomasini

Stephan Meldegg

as Emile Gerhard

Bill Bailey

as Judge

Dominique Figaro

as Mrs. Fremont

Isabelle Lazard

as Woman at Dinner

Alan Rossett

as Monsieur Farre


Ilene Amy Berg

Ilene Amy Berg Executive Producer

Peter Sinclair

Peter Sinclair Director of Photography

Françoise De Leu

Françoise De Leu Art Direction

Cécile Deleu

Cécile Deleu Set Decoration

Marie-José Escolar

Marie-José Escolar Costume Design

Debra McGuire

Debra McGuire Costume Design

Chantal Durpoix

Chantal Durpoix Hairstylist

Patrice Iva

Patrice Iva Hairstylist

Lydia Pujols

Lydia Pujols Makeup Artist

International Releases Dates

United States 28 January 1992

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