Package, Double Package and Counterpackage Trailer

Package, Double Package and Counterpackage Trailer (1993)

22 January 1993 Comedy 118 mins

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Leo Gullotta

as Il Frodatore fiscale contro terzi

Giobbe Covatta

as Il finto cieco

Silvio Spaccesi

as Il finto mago

Marina Confalone

as La vedova

Bruno Bilotta

as Il finto fantasma

Giacomo Rizzo

as Il gestore della bisca clandestina

Alessandro Haber

as Il professore

Angela Luce

as La madre del professore

Angelo Orlando

as Il senzatetto

Mara Venier

as La finta madre

Nunzio Gallo

as Il finto padre

Enzo Cannavale

as Il portiere della bisca clandestina

Leo Gullotta

as Il frodatore fiscale contro terzi

Giacomo Rizzo

as The illegal gambling operator


Claudio Cirillo

Claudio Cirillo Director of Photography

Nanni Loy


Bruno Ridolfi

Bruno Ridolfi Executive Producer

Claudio Mattone

Original Music Composer

Umberto Turco

Umberto Turco Art Direction

Danda Ortona

Danda Ortona Costume Design

International Titles

Package, Double Package and Counterpackage Trailer

International Releases Dates

Italy 22 January 1993

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