Private Wars Trailer

Private Wars Trailer (1993)

10 October 1993 86 mins

A wealthy businessman is trying to "convince" the inhabitants of an old neighborhood to abandon their homes in order to build a huge business center there. To achieve his goals, he bribes the police and uses organized bands to intimidate the neighbors. But perhaps this alcoholic ex-cop, Manning, could help them, but how?

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Steve Railsback

as Jack Manning

James Lew

as Obata


International Releases Dates

United States 10 October 1993

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Private Wars (1993) Trailer

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A wealthy businessman is trying to "convince" the inhabitants of an old neighborhood to abandon their homes in order to build a huge business center there. To achieve his goals he bribes

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Thanks go out to ClassicRocker for sending me these films. A wealthy businessman is trying to "convince" the inhabitants of an old neighborhood to abandon their homes in order to build a

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