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Caved In: Prehistoric Terror Trailer (2006)

07 January 2006

An extreme adventure tour group headed by deep caving expert John Palmer descends into a 2000 Ft abandoned salt mine , that was mysteriously closed down years ago after an unexplained disaster trapped all of the miners .

CIA Code Name: Alexa Trailer (1993)

01 February 1993

A CIA operative kills a terrorist during a prison break. When a group of terrorists attempts to recover a microchip implanted in the man's body, one of them is captured and convinced by the CIA to work for them as an informer.

CyberTracker Trailer (1994)

22 August 1994

Eric is a secret agent currently working as security guard for senator Dilly. The senator is the main advocate for a new kind of police officer: the Tracker, an perfect and nearly invulnerable android.

Hologram Man Trailer (1995)

27 June 1995

Five years after the mad terrorist Norman Galagher was sentenced to holographic stasis, he is given a parole hearing.

Y2K Trailer (1999)

01 July 1999

On the eve of the new millennium, a nervous military leader assembles a team to help him deal with an unforeseen problem, as they are being alerted of a long missing nuclear missile hidden somewhere deep in the jungle which is set to go off in January 2000, due to the millennium bug!

No Tomorrow Trailer (1999)

19 October 1999

When the world's most notorious criminal allies himself with a senior employee of a major shipping corporation, a lethal deal is struck to secure a multi-million dollar arms transaction.

Executive Target Trailer (1997)

11 July 1997

His wife held hostage, a stunt driver is forced to drive a getaway car in a plot to kidnap the President from a motorcade.

Cyber-Tracker 2 Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

A Secret Service agent (Wilson) battles an arms dealer who is creating a cyborg army.

Epicenter Trailer (2000)

21 March 2000

Epicenter concerns brassy, beautiful Amanda Foster, a down-on-her-luck Los Angeles detective who's been assigned to protect a mobster-turned-State's-Witness, Nick Constantine, from the mob.

Escape from Alaska Trailer (1999)

28 July 1999

A helicopter pilot work with a husband and his wife in the frozen North tagging foxes for the Environmental Protection Agency.

The Killers Edge Trailer (1991)

09 May 1991

A cop teams up with an FBI agent to track down a counterfeiter.

T-Force Trailer (1994)

08 December 1994

In the 21st Century, cybernetic research has developed advanced robots with human traits, whioch are widely used in the service industry.

Dark Breed Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

Captain Saxon, and agent for the top secret Omega agency, has been given the assignment of tracking down and either capturing or killing the crew members of a secret space mission who returned to Earth against orders.

Firepower Trailer (1994)

19 January 1994

In the year 2007, crime has risen at an exponential rate. Once highly populated metropolises such as Los Angeles are no longer inhabitable.

Angels of the City Trailer (1989)

01 August 1989

College girls dressed as hookers for a sorority initiation ceremony are kidnapped by pimps.

A Time to Die Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

A female photographer teams up with a policeman to try to bring down a corrupt police officer who framed her for drug possession and during her investigation, finds that not everything, or everyone, is what they appear to be.

Dance Or Die Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

Jason is trying to kick cocaine and choreograph a dance concert. Things go from bad from worse when The Turtle gets involved.

The Killing Zone Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

Convict is recruited from a chain gang to help capture a Mexican drug lord.

Tiger Heart Trailer (1996)

08 August 1996

A teen martial arts expert takes on a bunch of thugs who are forcing a community to sell their property in order to build a mall.

Quiet Fire Trailer (1991)

31 October 1991

Jesse Palmer, is a Vietnam Veteran who must discomfit his ex-commanding officer turned crooked senate candidate named Whalen from conspiring to turn over part of the U.

The Silencers Trailer (1996)

23 April 1996

U.S. Senator is assassinated by Men in Black, mysterious organization which surpresses all knowledge about UFOs.

Alien Intruder Trailer (1993)

01 January 1993

Set in the year 2022, a group of convicts sentenced to life in prison are led on a mission into uncharted deep space by Commander Skyler (Williams) to salvage a lost ship.

The Glass Jungle Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

A cab driver becomes the unwilling go-between for mobsters planning to extort $5 million from the city of Los Angeles.

The Stray Trailer (2000)

24 June 2000

After a drifter is struck by a car the driver offers to take him back from the hospital to her home in order to nurse him back to health.

Hollow Gate Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

At a Halloween party, a young boy is almost killed by his drunken, alcoholic father. Ten years afterward, the boy goes on a murder spree.

Mindstorm Trailer (2001)

28 February 2001

A psychic's investigation into the disappearance of a Senator's daughter leads her to a dangerous cult and the truth about her mysterious past.

Mayhem Trailer (1986)

27 January 1986

The bloody saga of two strangers brought together by a common need - to find the women they've lost. Rachel ran away, Misty was kidnapped; but nothing will stop Dino and Ziggy in their pursuit of the women they love.

The Box Trailer (2003)

01 January 2003

An ex-con tries to go straight but also wants to get back money he's owed for the job that put him in prison.

The Big Fall Trailer (1997)

14 October 1997

L.A. private detective is hired to investigate the disappearance of an alluring woman's brother. Surrounded by double-crossing deals and dangerous relation, Rybeck will have to plunge headfirst into his deadliest case ever.

To Be the Best Trailer (1993)

03 August 1993

Eric Kulhane, a member of the U.S. Kickboxing Team, lets his quick temper and obsessive love for beautiful Cheryl make him the perfect target for blackmail.

The Sender Trailer (1998)

22 June 1998

A psychic father and daughter band together with an "angel" in an attempt to save Earth from an extraterrestrial Armageddon.

Recoil Trailer (1998)

12 May 1998

Detective Ray Morgan accidentally kills the son of a mob boss. The mob boss orders to have Morgan killed unknowing that the assassin killed Morgan's wife and kids.

Last Man Standing Trailer (1995)

01 January 1995

A gang of bank robbers, led by the ultra-violent Snake Underwood, pull off a daring mid-day heist that leaves dozens of burning police cars and scores of innocent victims in its wake.

Death by Dialogue Trailer (1988)

25 November 1988

A guy and four of his friends visit his crippled uncle, a taxidermist who lives with his housekeeper next to a movie set.

Payback Trailer (1990)

01 April 1990

Fist of Honor Trailer (1993)

19 May 1993

As two rival Godfathers view to take control of the city, a hot-tempered family member kills two relatives of the opposing family, breaking the "Truce of Honor".

L.A. Vice Trailer (1989)

01 January 1989

No overview found.

Deadly Bet Trailer (1992)

15 April 1992

Jeff Wincott plays a gambler who puts his life on the line to buy his way out of the clutches of a mobster.

The Newlydeads Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

The owner of a lakeside resort murders a transvestite. Fifteen years later, the drag queen's spirit comes back and starts killing honeymoon couples.

The Art Of Dying Trailer (1990)

28 March 1990

A cinematographer and his assistant are attracting aspiring young actors and actresses by getting them to try out for their movie.

Midnight Warrior Trailer (1989)

21 March 1989

Newsman Nick Branca (Kevin Bernhardt) becomes a media star when he saves a woman's life. His money-hungry boss Buddy (Bernie Angel) is quick to assign him high-publicity, albeit dangerous, events, but fame and fortune can't make up for Nick's dwindling respect for the ratings-driven news machine.

Epitaph Trailer (1987)

01 January 1987

No overview found.

L.A. Crackdown Trailer (1988)

01 January 1988

A policewoman tries to help two teenage crack addicts. When she doesn't succeed, and the girls die, she goes after the crack dealers.

Repo Jake Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

Jake Baxter takes a job as a repoman with hopes of living the quiet life. Plans go sour when he's whipped into supersonic action, involving a vicious crime lord, a mob of angry car owners, a sadistic porno ring and lastly a brutal, illegal and very lethal car race known throughout L.

Intent to Kill Trailer (1993)

13 March 1993

A young policewoman relentlessly tries to bring down a ruthless drug kingpin whom plots his own agenda for his drug distribution empire.

American Born Trailer (1990)

01 January 1990

A teenager who is obsessed with gangster movies believes himself to be a real gangster after his father is murdered.