Nattamai Trailer

Nattamai Trailer (1994)

02 November 1994 Drama

Nattamai is a 1994 Tamil language film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It starred Sarath Kumar, Kushboo Sundar and Meena in the lead roles. It became a blockbuster upon release. This was the first Tamil film where they first introduced the punch dialogue "Nattamai, theerpa maathi sollu." Upon release and the huge success of the film it become a trend setter for Tamil films as all future big actor films are cloned with the same formula, a chief of village doing good to its people.The film is also well received for the Goundamani- senthil comedy which was then a huge hit. The film is remade in Bollywood as Bulandi starring Anil Kapoor and Rekha.

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R. Sarathkumar

as Nattamai (Shanmugam) / Pasupathi


as Lakshmi


as Meena


as Nattamai's paternal cousin


as Nattamai's paternal aunt


as Nattamai's father

International Releases Dates

India 02 November 1994

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