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Goundamani (born Subramani Karuppaiya) is an Indian film actor and comedian. He is better known for his comic duo partnership in Tamil films with fellow actor Senthil. His real name "Mani" got the "Counter" prefix for his ability to give counter on the spot and off the script on stage and during shooting which eventually evolved into Goundamani as per Bhagyaraj who was writing scripts and title credits for Bharathiraja in his early days during the movie 16 Vayathinile. While performing roles of a solo comedian in films, he often co-starred with Senthil to form a comedy duo. The pair was described as "Tamil cinema's Laurel and Hardy" and have performed slapstick humour in several Tamil films since the mid-1980s until the early 2000s. After recuperating from diabetes and respiratory illnesses during the late 2000s, he is about to feature in Vaaimai and also play the lead role in 49-O, which began productions in 2013. It is being directed by debutant Arokiadoss, a former assistant of Gautham Vasudev Menon. The Film 49-O was released on 17 September 2015 and most of the critics gave positive reviews. He had a successful career that spanned over three decade thanks to his timing and ability to reinvent himself from comedian to character artiste to villain to second hero to comedic duo.

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Baba Trailer (2002)

15 August 2002

Baba film opens with the birth of Baba (Rajinikanth), who is a 'baba amsa sambhootudu'. Baba grows up as an atheist, hot-blooded guy and a Good Samaritan.

Thanga Manasukkaran Trailer (1992)

19 March 1992

Thanga Manasukkaran is a 1992 Tamil drama film directed by Rajavarman. The film features Murali and Sivaranjani in lead roles.

Mannan Trailer (1992)

14 January 1992

The film begins with Shantidevi being announced as the number one Industrialist in India. Shantidevi is a feminist,rich and arrogant lady and rules her company with an iron hand.

Nattamai Trailer (1994)

02 November 1994

Nattamai is a 1994 Tamil language film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. It starred Sarath Kumar, Kushboo Sundar and Meena in the lead roles.

Vaaimai Trailer (2016)

09 September 2016

A judge decides to bring back the jury system to decide if a woman, who is alleged to have helped her son in assassinating a Gandhian leader, should be hanged or walk free.

Chinna Jamin Trailer (1993)

01 August 1993

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Japanil Kalyanaraman Trailer (1985)

01 May 1985

Japanil Kalyanaraman (1985) is a Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist.

Vaidegi Kaathirundhal Trailer (1984)

23 October 1984

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Kottai Vaasal Trailer (1992)

15 August 1992

Kottai Vaasal (Tamil: கோட்டை வாசல்) is a 1992 Indian Tamil film, directed by Selva Vinayagam and produced by Mohan Natarajan and Tharangai V.

Dharma Pathni Trailer (1986)

14 March 1986

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Kovil Kaalai Trailer (1993)

14 January 1993

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Chokka Thangam Trailer (2003)

15 January 2003

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Netrikan Trailer (1981)

15 August 1981

The story revolves around Chakravarthy (Older Rajini) who is a successful textile businessman in Coimbatore.

Singaravelan Trailer (1992)

01 April 1992

Singaravelan film revolves around a young man (Kamal Hassan) living in a village with his mother. He gets to know that his mother was estranged from her brother's family owing to her marriage with his father.

Naalai Unadhu Naal Trailer (1984)

07 August 1984

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Sethupathi IPS Trailer (1994)

24 October 1994

Sethupathi IPS movie starring Vijayakanth, Meena and Nambiar. Terrorism against India is escalated heavily by Indians trained abroad.

Samuthiram Trailer (2001)

31 August 2001

Samuthiram (English: Ocean) is a 2001 Tamil film written and directed by K. S. Ravikumar, starring Sarath Kumar, Murali, Manoj Bharathiraja, Kaveri, Abhirami, Sindhu Menon and Monal.

Kizhakku Karai Trailer (1991)

20 September 1991

Sekhar (Chandrasekhar) and Murali (Prabhu) are best friends. Murali sacrifices his job opportunity for his friend and Sekhar becomes a custom officer.

Katta Panchayathu Trailer (1996)

07 June 1996

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Enakku Veru Engum Kilaigal Kidayathu Trailer (2016)

26 August 2016

On a pleasure trip, Krishnan, who rents out caravan for film shoots, saves a couple on the run and takes it on himself to get them married.

Indian Trailer (1996)

09 May 1996

Senapathy, a veteran freedom fighter, is angry. He is angry against the rampant corruption at every level of the bureaucracy.

Paandi Durai Trailer (1992)

15 January 1992

Pandithurai is a 1992 Tamil language drama film directed by Manoj Kumar. The film features Prabhu and Kushboo in lead roles.

Manmadhan Trailer (2004)

11 November 2004

Manmadhan movie revoles around Two brothers look a same (Silambarasan) who is the younger one is a play boy who enjoys his leisure time partying with girls, while the older Simbu is a calm type.

Parasuram Trailer (2003)

05 May 2003

An underground terror group led by a mysterious proxy Akash recruits unemployed youth and turns them into suicide bombers.

Ulagam Pirandhadhu Enakkaga Trailer (1990)

14 April 1990

Ulagam Pirandhadhu Enakkaga (Tamil: உலகம் பிறந்தது எனக்காக) is a 1990 Indian Tamil film, directed by S.

Dharma Seelan Trailer (1993)

16 July 1993

Thamizh Selvan (Prabhu), an orphan who works in a hospital, tries to discover the truth of his parentage.

Sigappu Rojakkal Trailer (1978)

10 October 1978

Sigappu Rojakkal is a thriller movie. Dileep (Kamal Haasan) is a successful businessman with a dark side.

Idhaya Vasal Trailer (1991)

17 May 1991

Maharasan Trailer (1993)

05 March 1993

Maharasan is a 1993 Tamil language film starring Kamal Haasan in the lead role of the protagonist.

My Dear Marthandan Trailer (1990)

22 August 1990

My Dear Marthandan is a Tamil language film starring Prabhu Ganesan in the lead role of the protagonist and Kamal Haasan in a guest role.

Pudhayal Trailer (1997)

30 January 1997

Madhu steals the map to a treasure during an archaelogical expedition and couriers it to the baddies in the movie.

Jaggubhai Trailer (2010)

29 January 2010

Jagannathan, (Sarath Kumar) fondly known as ‘Jaggubhai’. is an Indian Police Officer with sharp methods.

December Pookal Trailer (1986)

14 January 1986

December Pookal(1986)(December flowers) is a Tamil language film starring Mohan in the lead role of the protagonist, Revathi, Nalini, Nizhalgal Ravi, Delhi Ganesh, Goundamani, Senthil, Y.

49-O Trailer (2015)

17 September 2015

Karikalan a selfish politician, in collusion with a real estate agent, usurps the lands of farmers in a village.

Kannan Varuvaan Trailer (2000)

01 August 2000

Kannan Varuvaan is a South Indian Tamil film released in 2000.Story revolves karthick loves towards diyva unni but at the same time manthra was in love with karthik,gaundamni and senthil as usual give their hit comedies.

Andha 7 Naatkal Trailer (1981)

25 October 1981

A poor musician enters the city dreaming to become a music director finds his love, the wife of his producer.

Chinna Pasanga Naanga Trailer (1992)

05 November 1992

Chinna Pasanga Naanga is a 1992 Tamil drama film directed by Raj Kapoor. The film features Murali, Revathi and Saradha Preetha in lead roles.

Janaki Raman Trailer (1997)

31 October 1997

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Vandicholai Chinraasu Trailer (1994)

15 April 1994

Vandicholai Chinraasu is a 1994 Tamil film directed by Manoj Kumar. The film stars Sathyaraj, Sukanya and Goundamani in lead roles.

Chinna Kounder Trailer (1991)

01 June 1991

Chinna Kounder story is about the village panchayat man (The Arbitrator) who sticks to honesty and deliver authentic judgment irrespective of the accused's background.

Naan Soottiya Malar Trailer (1983)

25 January 1983

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Pollachi Mappiley Trailer (2010)

16 July 2010

Satyaraj and goundamani's combo.

Suvarilladha Chiththirangal Trailer (1979)

30 November 1979

Suvarilladha Chiththirangal is a 1979 Tamil drama film written and directed by K. Bhagyaraj, who made his directorial debut with this film.

Valibamey Vaa Vaa Trailer (1982)

01 October 1982

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Maha Prabhu Trailer (1996)

03 February 1996

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Thayamma Trailer (1991)

17 December 1991

Thayamma is a 1991 Tamil-language Indian feature film directed by Gopi Bhimsingh, starring Pandiyan, Anand Babu and Babu with Geetha and Oru Thalai Ragam Shankar.

Karagaattakkaaran Trailer (1989)

16 June 1989

The story revolves around the Indian folk dancers life. The story is completely Entertaining which also brings in the flavors of the villages in tamilnadu.

Samasthanam Trailer (2002)

27 September 2002

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Senthamizh Paattu Trailer (1992)

25 October 1992

Senthamizh Paattu is a 1992 Indian Tamil language film written and directed by P. Vasu. The film features Prabhu and Sukanya in the lead roles, while Salim Ghouse plays a supporting role.

Per Sollum Pillai Trailer (1987)

16 July 1987

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Karnaa Trailer (1995)

14 April 1995

Vijay (Arjun Sarja), a carefree and frolicsome youth, is sent by his father Deenadayalan (Ravichandran) in Ooty to work and becoming a responsible businessman.

Vietnam Colony Trailer (1994)

05 July 1994

Gentleman Trailer (1993)

30 July 1993

A story of a modern day Robin Hood who takes from the corrupted rich to provide education for the poor.

Sadhu Trailer (1994)

22 July 1994

Sadhu is a 1994 Tamil language film starring Arjun and Raveena Tandon in the lead roles with Vijayakumar, Goundamani and Radha Ravi in pivotal roles.

Thaayin Manikodi Trailer (1998)

29 August 1998

Arjun is a sincere CBI officer. He rescues a kidnapped lady (Tabu) from the clutches terrorists. But in the process Rani loses her parents.

Mannukkul Vairam Trailer (1986)

11 December 1986

Mannukkul Vairam is a 1986 Indian Tamil film directed by Manoj Kumar and produced by Motherland Pictures.

Kannaal Pesavaa Trailer (2000)

21 August 2000

Kannaal Pesavaa is a 2000 Tamil film directed by Raj Khanna. The film stars Arunkumar, Suvalakshmi, Goundamani and Senthil in lead roles.

Mr. Madras Trailer (1995)

08 September 1995

Aruna Arunachalam (Manorama) is an estate owner in Ooty and she is in trouble with Thiruttani (Anandaraj), who keep illegally some hectares of her estate.

Lucky Man Trailer (1996)

14 April 1996

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Rajakumaran Trailer (1994)

14 January 1994

Rajakumaran (Prabhu) is the son of the village chief (Vijayakumar). Yuvaraj (Nassar) hates Rajakumaran and his village.