Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu Trailer

Ayal Kadha Ezhuthukayanu Trailer (1998)

04 July 1998 Romance 155 mins

Sagar Kottapuram is a pulp fiction writer who comes to visit his friend Ramakrishnan but find themselves dragged into a lawsuit by a vengeful Tahsildar S.Priyadarshini.

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as Sagar Kottappuram


as Priyadarshini


as Ramakrishnan


as Sainuddin


as 'Manchadi' Mammachan


as Advocate K. G. Nambyar


as Padmini

Nedumudi Venu

as Dr. Subhash


as Mohanan

T. P. Madhavan

as Police Sub Inspector

T.P. Madhavan

as Police Sub Inspector


as Jithu


as Shobha

Kulapulli Leela

as Thresiamma

Kulappulli Leela

as Thresiamma





Vidhyan Producer

International Releases Dates

India 04 July 1998

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