The Mummy Trailer

The Mummy Trailer (1999)

"The legend you know. The adventure you have yet to imagine." 16 April 1999 Adventure, Fantasy, Horror 124 mins

Dashing legionnaire Rick O'Connell and his companion, Beni stumble upon the hidden ruins of Hamunaptra while in the midst of a battle in 1923, 3,000 years after Imhotep has suffered a fate worse than death – his body will remain undead for all eternity as a punishment for a forbidden love.

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Brendan Fraser

as Richard O'Connell

Rachel Weisz

as Evelyn Carnahan

John Hannah

as Jonathan Carnahan

Oded Fehr

as Ardeth Bay

Arnold Vosloo

as High Priest Imhotep

Kevin J. O'Connor

as Beni Gabor

Erick Avari

as Dr. Terrence Bey

Jonathan Hyde

as Dr. Allen Chamberlain

Bernard Fox

as Captain Winston Havlock

Patricia Velásquez

as Anck-Su Namun

Stephen Dunham

as Mr. Henderson

Corey Johnson

as Mr. Daniels

Tuc Watkins

as Mr. Burns

Omid Djalili

as Warden Gad Hassan

Aharon Ipalé

as Pharaoh Seti I

Carl Chase

as Hook


Sean Daniel

Sean Daniel Producer

James Jacks

James Jacks Producer

Kevin Jarre

Kevin Jarre Executive Producer

Jerry Goldsmith

Original Music Composer

Adrian Biddle

Adrian Biddle Director of Photography

Tony Reading

Tony Reading Art Direction

Cliff Robinson

Cliff Robinson Art Direction

Peter Russell

Peter Russell Art Direction

John Bloomfield

John Bloomfield Costume Design

Peter Howitt

Peter Howitt Set Decoration

International Titles

A Múmia Trailer

La momie Trailer

Die Mumie 1 Trailer

Mumien Trailer

Muumio Trailer

La Momie Trailer

La Momie 1 Trailer

The Mummy 1 Trailer

Η Μούμια Trailer

La Mummia Trailer

ハムナプトラ 失われた砂漠の都 Trailer

미이라 Trailer

La Momia Trailer

A Múmia Trailer

mumiya Trailer

Мумия Trailer

Mumien Trailer

La Momia Trailer

神鬼傳奇 Trailer

The Mummy 1 Trailer

The Mummy 1999 Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 24 June 1999

Australia 24 June 1999

Belgium 21 July 1999

Brazil 18 June 1999

Colombia 02 June 1999

Czech Republic 19 August 1999

Germany 03 June 1999

Denmark 25 June 1999

Estonia 30 July 1999

Spain 02 July 1999

Finland 16 July 1999

France 21 July 1999

United Kingdom 25 June 1999

Greece 03 September 1999

Hong Kong 22 July 1999

Hungary 24 June 1999

Indonesia 07 August 1999

Ireland 25 June 1999

Israel 10 June 1999

India 22 July 1999

Iceland 09 July 1999

Italy 27 August 1999

Korea 10 July 1999

Kuwait 07 July 1999

Malta 04 August 1999

Mexico 11 June 1999

Malaysia 25 June 1999

Netherlands 15 July 1999

Norway 25 June 1999

New Zealand 16 September 1999

Poland 30 July 1999

Portugal 16 April 1999

Romania 27 August 1999

Sweden 22 May 2017

Singapore 17 June 1999

Slovenia 02 September 1999

Slovakia 26 August 1999

Thailand 11 August 1999

Turkey 18 June 1999

Taiwan 02 July 1999

United States 07 May 1999

Uruguay 15 July 1999

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The Mummy (1999) Trailer

The Mummy (1999) Trailer.

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