Cerberus Trailer

Cerberus Trailer (2005)

"Three times the terror" 01 January 2005 Fantasy, Horror 92 mins

The breastplate of Attila the Hun is stolen as it has clues to the location of the Sword of Mars. It is said the Sword of Mars made Attila invincible and is guarded by Cerberus.

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Greg Evigan

as Marcus Cutter

Garret Sato

as Kul Jae Sung

Emmanuelle Vaugier

as Dr. Samantha Gaines

Sebastian Spence

as Jake Addams

Brent Florence

as Zach Gaines

C. Victor Brynner

as Romanian Boy

Florin Busuioc

as Lead Villager

Chuck Caudill Jr.

as Reinholdt

Alina Dutá

as Barmaid

Ilie Gâlea

as Bartender

KB Nau

as Knipstrom

Gelu Nițu

as Radu, Romanian Curator

Mihaela Elena Oros

as Romanian Girl


Viorel Sergovici

Viorel Sergovici Cinematography

Maria Peici

Maria Peici Production Design

Paul Dobre

Paul Dobre Art Direction

Cornelia Chiu

Cornelia Chiu Set Decoration

Mircea Voda

Mircea Voda Makeup Artist

Dana Andreianu

Dana Andreianu Art Department Coordinator

Mihai Tudoran

Mihai Tudoran Special Effects

International Titles

O Guardião do Inferno Trailer

Le Gardien des enfers Trailer

Kerveros Trailer

Pyli ston Adi Trailer

Cerberus Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Kingdom 07 March 2011

Greece 23 October 2006

United States 01 January 2005

Production Companies

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Cerberus (2005) - Trailer Official with Greg Evigan

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Cerberus - Movie Trailer.

Gangster Cutter (Greg Evigan) ist auf der Suche nach dem Grab des Hunnenkönigs Attila.

Straznik otchlani Cerberus 2005 polski dubbing

Cerberus full hd movie trailer.

Cerberus 2005 Full Movie

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Cerberus - Trailer PV (FULL HD)

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