Empire of the Wolves Trailer

Empire of the Wolves Trailer (2005)

"If You Can't Remember Your Past...You Can't Save Your Future." 20 April 2005 Action 128 mins

When the young detective Paul Nerteaux finds the third slashed female corpse of illegal Turkish immigrants, he decides to ask for support to the experienced dark retired detective Jean-Louis Schiffer to chase the serial killer. Together, they infiltrate in the Turkish mafia trying to find the answer to the crimes. Meanwhile, the worker Anna Heymes is being submitted to a brain treatment and has severe headaches and glimpses of memories and visions. When these two parallel events collide, disclose that the Turkish organization "The Wolves" is behind them.

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Jean Reno

as Jean-Louis Schiffer

Arly Jover

as Anna Heymes

Jocelyn Quivrin

as Paul Nerteaux

Laura Morante

as Mathilde Uran

Philippe du Janerand

as Le légiste

Philippe Bas

as Laurent

Didier Sauvegrain

as Dr. Ackerman

Patrick Floersheim

as Philippe Charlier

Etienne Chicot

as Olivier Amien

Albert Dray

as Le lieutenant

Élodie Navarre

as La fliquette

Corentin Koskas

as L'interne

Jean-Pierre Martins

as Professeur Ravi

Aurélie Meriel

as La secrétaire


Chris Nahon


Olivia Bouyssou

Original Music Composer

Luca De' Medici

Original Music Composer

Grégory Fougères

Original Music Composer

Dan Levy

Original Music Composer

Pascal Morel

Original Music Composer

Samuel Narboni

Original Music Composer

Michel Abramowicz

Michel Abramowicz Director of Photography

International Titles

Das Imperium der Woelfe Trailer

El imperio de los lobos Trailer

L'empire des loups Trailer

Империя волков Trailer

Empire of the Wolves Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 25 August 2005

France 20 April 2005

Greece 08 September 2005

Italy 30 September 2005

United States 27 December 2005

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Empire of the Wolves / L'Empire des loups (2005) - Trailer

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Empire of the Wolves 2005 720P

Empire of the Wolves full hd movie trailer.


Empire of the Wolves full hd movie trailer.

Empire of the Wolves (2005)

Empire of the Wolves full hd movie trailer.

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