Nalaik Trailer

Nalaik Trailer (2005)

05 May 2005 Action, Comedy, Crime 165 mins

The Municipality of Hoshiarpur not only honors it's Assistant Commissioner of Police Pratap Singh but also promotes him as the Commissioner. While Pratap's brother-in-law is also a police officer, his son, Nishant, quite comically, wants to be a bandit, and much to Pratap's chagrin, wants to follow in the steps of Sholay's Gabbar Singh. Things get out of control after a bank is robbed, and the police launch a man-hunt for the robbers, whose leader they believe is none other than Nishant.

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Vivek Shauq

as Nalaik

Rana Jung Bahadur

as Commissioner Pratap Singh

Jaspal Bhatti

as Daku Mann Singh

Bobby Deol

as Himself

Sonika Gill

as Sonika

Gurpreet Guggi

as Himself


Vivek Shauq

Vivek Shauq Dialogue


Raju Cinematography

International Releases Dates

India 05 May 2005

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Nalaik (2005)

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ਨਲਾਇਕ || Nalaik | New Punjabi Movie 2017 | Latest Punjabi Movie 2017

ਨਲਾਇਕ || Nalaik | New Punjabi Movie 2017 | Latest Punjabi Movie 2017

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Nalaik full hd movie trailer.


Nalaik full hd movie trailer.

Nalaik students k naam

Nalaik full hd movie trailer.

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