Planetfall Trailer

Planetfall Trailer (2005)

04 February 2005

A spaghetti western in science fiction clothing. Competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with turmoil. A drug named psylenol has hit the streets, stolen from a secret military program and reconditioned to be an over-the-counter psychedelic. When the general populace starts developing telekinetic powers, the corrupt government of Zita declares martial law. When the film starts, a confiscated shipment of the drug has been stolen. Now the race is on to obtain the last supply of the most powerful drug in the universe!

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Heidi Fellner

as Lux Antigone

Leitha Matz

as Wendy Stanton

Alan Struthers

as Gorton "Ugly" Hex

Elijah Drenner

as Carson Fletcher

Chaz Truog

as Sec Com Rusty Arnenson / Green

Snype Myers

as Shark Sterling

Renee Werbowski

as Gen. Tira Corona

Charles Hubbell

as Lieutenant Jerik

Troy Antoine LaFaye

as Lieutenant Cumberland

Ted V. Mikels

as President Arch Stanton

International Releases Dates

United States 04 February 2005

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planetfall (2005) (plot) a spaghetti western in science fiction clothing. competing female bounty hunters track down the ultimate treasure on a planet wracked with


"What would Ed Wood be doing if he were alive " - Minneapolis City Pages "Heretic has put out a true indie sci-fi film with their release of you are

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