Crash Point: Berlin Trailer

Crash Point: Berlin Trailer (2009)

17 August 2009 Drama 90 mins

After a mid-air collision, an uncontrollable passenger plane with 90 souls on board speeds through the skies over Germany. The impact point for the inevitable plane crash is easily calculated: the center of Berlin. Now the race is on to prevent the catastrophe. Will the plane have to be shot down by fighter pilots?

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Peter Haber

as Michael Winkler

Maximilian von Pufendorf

as Niclas Sedlaczek

Hannes Jaenicke

as Ralf Moldau

Devid Striesow

as Lars Jensen

Horst Sachtleben

as Heinz Peucker

Petra Kelling

as Elisabeth Peucker

Alexander Held

as Zimmer, Leitung CESA

Marie-Lou Sellem

as Alexandra Hardle

Ulrike C. Tscharre

as Anna Borger

Michael Brandner

as Innenminister Horst Kathöfer

Markus Boysen

as General Schmitz

Gundi Ellert

as Gisela Betz

Christoph Jacobi

as Referent Junghans

International Titles

Colisión en Berlín Trailer

Катастрофа над Берлином Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 17 August 2009

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Crash Point Berlin

An out of control aircraft threatens the lives of millions of people on the ground as well as the passengers and crew. Can those trapped in the air work together for a solution before it's too late?

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