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Everything is Love Trailer (2014)

04 December 2014

Follows the lives of different couples in dealing with their love lives in various loosely interrelated tales all set during a frantic few days before Christmas in Frankfurt, Germany.

Eva über Bord Trailer (2017)

06 January 2017

3nity Trailer (2010)

21 October 2010

Hage, the Holy Spirit, is writing a musical, when Jesus returns to earth at Christmas to prepare the apocalypse.

Der Chef ist tot Trailer (2016)

05 December 2016

Volltreffer Trailer (2016)

04 October 2016

Drei Väter sind besser als keiner Trailer (2016)

05 May 2016

Warum ich meinen Boss entführte Trailer (2014)

14 November 2014

Liebe am Fjord - Unterm Eis Trailer (2015)

06 February 2015

Opa, ledig, jung Trailer (2015)

13 March 2015

Allein unter Irren Trailer (2015)

21 January 2015

Memories of Summer Trailer (2012)

08 January 2012

Stockholm newspaper journalist Erik waited years for colleague-fiancée Anja Paerson to give up international photo missions, but is caught cheating when she does.

Katie Fforde - Eine teure Affäre Trailer (2013)

20 January 2013

Nach den Jahren Trailer (2010)

27 October 2010

They used to spend every summer here, but now the daughters have grown up, the parents are divorced and the wooden cabin at the lake has to be cleared out.

Insel des Lichts Trailer (2008)

05 June 2008