Mutant Girls Squad Trailer

Mutant Girls Squad Trailer (2010)

22 May 2010 Action, Thriller, Sci-Fi 85 mins

Rin a young high school student is your everyday awkward girl who gets bullied by her fellow students. On her 16th birthday, Rin gets an unexpected surprise: she finds out that she is, on her father's side, a half-mutant.

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Suzuka Morita

as Yoshie

Cay Izumi

as Mutant Girl - Breast Swords

Maki Mizui

as Astro-Mutant


as Eyepatched Assassin

Tak Sakaguchi

as Kisaragi

Noboru Iguchi

as Ancient Nobleman

Kanji Tsuda

as Rin's Father

Yoshihiro Nishimura

as Exploding Head Soldier


Gen Satô

Gen Satô Producer

Kazuo Katô

Kazuo Katô Executive Producer

Harada Koji

Harada Koji Line Producer

Kou Nakagawa

Original Music Composer

Takashi Nakagawa

Original Music Composer

Shu G. Momose

Shu G. Momose Cinematography

International Titles

Mutant Girls Squad Trailer

International Releases Dates

Germany 22 May 2010

Production Companies

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Mutant Girls Squad Trailer

戦闘少女 血の鉄仮面伝説 (Sento shojo: Chi no tekkamen densetsu) International Premiere Saturday July 3 8:30 PM @...

Mutant Girls Squad (2010) HD

Trailer-Asian Action/Horror/Comedy (2010) JAPAN -------------------Splatter Version------------------- Directors: Noboru Iguchi Yoshihiro NishimuraTak Sakaguchi Writers:

Mutant Girls Squad [SUB ITA]

Mutant Girls Squad (Sentō Shōjo: Chi no Tekkamen Densetsu) è un film del 2010 diretto da Noboru Iguchi Yoshihiro Nishimura e Tak Sakaguchi. È una storia fanta-horror. Help us

Mutant Girls Squad - Trailer

Rin is a seemingly normal Japanese high school girl but on her 16th birthday everything in her life changes when government special forces break into her home. After witnessing her mother'

[Trailer2] Mutant Girls Squad

See my Channel for more independent cult foreign animation and genre flicks* "The story is sort of a spoof of X-Men. [Yumi] Sugimoto plays Rin a bullied

MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD final "splatter version" trailer

From The Sushi Typhoon! Directed by Noboru (MACHINE GIRL ROBO-GEISHA) Iguchi Yoshihiro (TOKYO GORE POLICE VAMPIRE GIRL VS. FRANKENSTEIN GIRL) Nishimura and Taku (VERSUS BE A MAN!

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