Excuse my French Trailer

Excuse my French Trailer (2014)

19 January 2014 Drama 99 mins

A Christian kid suddenly is forced to go to a public school after his father dies and because of a misunderstanding everyone thinks that he's a Muslim.

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Ahmed Helmy

as Storyteller (voice)

Ahmed Helmy

as الراوي

Ahmed Dash

as هاني عبد الله

Ahmed Dash

as Hany Abdallah Peter

Kinda Alloush

as Hany's mother

Kinda Alloush

as كريستين سعد متى

Hani Adel

as عبد الله بيتر

Hani Adel

as Abdallah Peter

Bayoumi Fouad

as ناظر المدرسة

Samia Asaad

as Miss Nelly

Samia Asaad

as مس نيللي

Moaz Nabil

as مؤمن

Asser Yassin

as Guest of honor

Hend Sabry

as Guest of honor

International Titles

La Moakhza Trailer

Lamoakhza Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 24 April 2014

Egypt 19 January 2014

Production Companies

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Excuse My French | Official Trailer with English subtitles

Excuse My French | Official Trailer with English subtitles إعلان فيلم لا مؤاخذة - الإعلان الرسمي مترجم للإنجليزية.

Excuse My French (2014) trailer

Excuse my French full hd movie trailer.

Excuse My French — Trailer — 6. ALFILM OFFICIAL SELECTION

Excuse my French Spielfilm Regie: Amr Salama Ägypten 2014 99 Min. Arab. mit engl. UT Der aufgeweckte Hany ist ein guter Schüler hat viele Freunde geht gern in die Kirche und

Lamoakhza (Excuse My French) Teaser Trailer || "الإعلان التشويقي المصغر لفيلم "لامؤاخذة

Excuse my French full hd movie trailer.

Excuse My French Trailer VawnDidTv

Footage of French Montana at various venues leading up to his debut album release "Excuse My French".. IN STORES NOW All shot by VawnDidTv (@vawndid & @quille_dollaz

Egyptian song in movie "Excuse my french"

Someone knows the title of the song? it's so coooooooool! movie directed by Amr Salama.

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