Spectre Trailer

Spectre Trailer (2015)

"A Plan No One Escapes" 26 October 2015 Adventure, Action, Crime 148 mins

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

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Daniel Craig

as James Bond

Christoph Waltz

as Oberhauser

Christoph Waltz

as Franz Oberhauser / Ernst Stavro Blofeld

Léa Seydoux

as Madeleine

Léa Seydoux

as Dr. Madeleine Swann

Léa Seydoux

as Madeleine Swann

Ralph Fiennes

as Gareth Mallory / M

Andrew Scott

as Denbigh

Andrew Scott

as Max Denbigh / C

Dave Bautista

as Mr Hinx

Naomie Harris

as Moneypenny

Naomie Harris

as Eve Moneypenny


Thomas Newman

Original Music Composer

Sam Mendes


Anna Pinnock

Anna Pinnock Set Decoration

Dennis Gassner

Dennis Gassner Production Design

Ian Fleming

Ian Fleming Characters

Bill Bernstein

Bill Bernstein Music Editor

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig Co-Producer

Jany Temime

Jany Temime Costume Design

Roberto Malerba

Roberto Malerba Line Producer

International Titles

James Bond 25 Spectre Trailer

Spectre - 007 Trailer

007 - Contra Spectre Trailer

007 25 - Contra Spectre Trailer

007 Contra Spectre Trailer

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James Bond 24 - Spectre Trailer

Spectre Trailer

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007 - Spectre Trailer

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James Bond 007 - Spectre Trailer

James Bond 24 Trailer

James Bond 24 - Spectre Trailer

Spectre Trailer

International Releases Dates

Argentina 12 November 2015

Austria 06 November 2015

Australia 12 November 2015

Belgium 06 November 2015

Bulgaria 06 November 2015

Bahrain 05 November 2015

Brazil 05 November 2015

Belarus 06 November 2015

Canada 06 November 2015

Switzerland 05 November 2015

Chile 05 November 2015

China 13 November 2015

Colombia 06 November 2015

Czech Republic 06 November 2015

Germany 03 March 2016

Denmark 06 November 2015

Estonia 12 November 2015

Spain 06 November 2015

Finland 06 November 2015

France 11 November 2015

United Kingdom 26 October 2015

Greece 12 November 2015

Hong Kong 06 November 2015

Croatia 06 November 2015

Hungary 06 November 2015

Ireland 26 October 2015

Israel 06 November 2015

India 06 November 2015

Iraq 06 November 2015

Iceland 06 November 2015

Italy 05 November 2015

Cambodia 09 November 2015

Korea 11 November 2015

Kazakhstan 06 November 2015

Lebanon 06 November 2015

Lithuania 12 November 2015

Luxembourg 04 November 2015

Latvia 06 November 2015

Mexico 06 November 2015

Malaysia 06 November 2015

Netherlands 29 October 2015

Norway 06 November 2015

Philippines 06 November 2015

Pakistan 06 November 2015

Poland 06 November 2015

Portugal 05 November 2015

Romania 06 November 2015

Russia 05 November 2015

Sweden 30 October 2015

Singapore 06 November 2015

Slovakia 05 November 2015

Thailand 05 November 2015

Turkey 06 November 2015

Taiwan 06 November 2015

Ukraine 06 November 2015

United States 09 February 2016

Viet Nam 06 November 2015

South Africa 27 November 2015

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