Passengers Trailer

Passengers Trailer (2016)

"There is a reason they woke up." 21 December 2016 Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi 116 mins

A spacecraft traveling to a distant colony planet and transporting thousands of people has a malfunction in its sleep chambers. As a result, two passengers are awakened 90 years early.

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Jennifer Lawrence

as Aurora Lane

Chris Pratt

as Jim Preston

Michael Sheen

as Arthur

Laurence Fishburne

as Gus Mancuso

Andy García

as Captain Norris

Julee Cerda

as Instructor (Hologram)

Kimberly Battista

as Jr Officer Fitzgerald

Kristin Brock

as Aurora's Friend

Jamie Soricelli

as Space Cruise Passenger

Vince Foster

as Executive Officer

Kara Flowers

as Communications Officer

Conor Brophy

as Crew Member

Emma Clarke

as The Starship Avalon (voice)


Al Pavoni

Al Pavoni Camera Operator

Rodrigo Prieto

Rodrigo Prieto Director of Photography

Mark S. Wright

Mark S. Wright Visual Effects Editor

Ori Marmur

Ori Marmur Producer

Guy Hendrix Dyas

Guy Hendrix Dyas Production Design

John Collins

John Collins Art Direction

Luke Freeborn

Luke Freeborn Art Direction

Kevin Constant

Kevin Constant Art Direction

International Titles

Pasagjerët Trailer

Pasajeros Trailer

Pasajeros Trailer

Passengers - Es gibt einen Grund warum sie aufgewacht sind Trailer

Passengers Trailer

Pasajeros Trailer

Пасажири Trailer

International Releases Dates

United Arab Emirates 21 December 2016

Argentina 05 January 2017

Austria 06 January 2017

Australia 01 January 2017

Belgium 11 January 2017

Bolivia 05 January 2017

Brazil 05 January 2017

Canada 21 December 2016

Switzerland 28 December 2016

Chile 29 December 2016

Colombia 22 December 2016

Czech Republic 17 May 2017

Germany 05 January 2017

Denmark 22 December 2016

Spain 30 December 2016

France 28 December 2016

United Kingdom 23 December 2016

Greece 29 December 2016

Guatemala 22 December 2016

Hungary 21 December 2016

Israel 29 December 2016

India 21 December 2016

Italy 30 December 2016

Cambodia 22 December 2016

Korea 04 January 2017

Netherlands 22 December 2016

Norway 25 December 2016

Peru 22 December 2016

Poland 25 December 2016

Portugal 22 December 2016

Paraguay 05 January 2017

Russia 22 December 2016

Sweden 15 May 2017

Slovakia 05 January 2017

Turkey 30 December 2016

Ukraine 29 December 2016

United States 14 March 2017

Uruguay 05 January 2017

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