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Cold Summer of 1953 Trailer (1988)

03 December 1988

In 1953, the year Stalin died, many prisoners (some political, but mostly common criminals) were released from the Soviet Gulags.

Expiation Trailer (2012)

01 November 2012

The story about a difficult post-war time. About destiny of the young lieutenant and the young girl, whose love passes through the hardest vital and moral ordeals.

Mikhaylo Lomonosov Trailer (1986)

11 November 1986

A biopic about the life of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov - Russian polymath, scientist and writer.

A Dangerous Age Trailer (1981)

20 October 1981

A relations between man and woman become complicate after 20 years of marriage.

The Miracle Trailer (2009)

09 October 2009

The film is based on real events that took place in Samara in 1956 and known as the "Standing Zoe." During the holiday girl, without waiting her betrothed, removes the icon from the wall and Nicholas begins to dance with her, but suddenly freezes in place.

Paradise Trailer (2015)

22 June 2015

To See Paris and Die Trailer (1992)

06 June 1992

In Russia in the late 1960s, Elena will do anything to see that her son Yuri succeeds as a pianist: she longs for him to win a competition that will send him to Paris.

The Captain's Daughter Trailer (2000)

05 April 2000

Aleksandr Proshkin directs this historic epic, which is full of complex intrigue, doomed lovers, and shots of the icy Russian landscape.

Live and Remember Trailer (2008)

26 June 2008

Based on Valentin Rasputin's story of the same title. The winter of 1945. In a village on the Angara embankment the women wait the return of their husbands from the front.

Doctor Zhivago Trailer (2006)

01 April 2006

Russian TV miniseries of Boris Pasternak's classic novel.

Inspector Goole Trailer (1979)

13 September 1979

Sudden arrival of a police inspector in the middle of a bourgeois family's dinner party reveals various sordid and shameful secrets that may have contributed to the recent suicide of an impoverished young woman.