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Anne Brochet (born 22 November 1966) is a French comedienne and actress. She has appeared in such films as Cyrano de Bergerac, Le temps des porte-plumes, 30 ans, Une journée de merde! and Tous les matins du monde. She has also appeared in several episodes the television show Voici venir l'orage.... Brochet won a César Award in the Best Supporting Actress category for her work in Tous les matins du monde. She lived with actor Gad Elmaleh from 1998 to 2002 They had one son, Noé. The story of their relationship and breakup can be found in Brochet's book Trajet d'une amoureuse econduite.

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The Round Up Trailer (2010)

10 March 2010

1942. Joseph is eleven. And this June morning, he must go to school, a yellow star sown on his chest.

Cyrano de Bergerac Trailer (1990)

28 March 1990

Embarrassed by his large nose, a romantic poet/soldier romances his cousin by proxy.

Les Gazelles Trailer (2014)

26 March 2014

Marie and Eric, a couple in their thirties who have been together since college, buy their first apartment when Marie is suddenly overcome by doubt.

The Hedgehog Trailer (2009)

03 July 2009

Paloma is a serious and highly articulate but deeply bored 11-year-old who has decided to kill herself on her 12th birthday.

My Very Best Friend Trailer (2008)

20 February 2008

Esteban and Maxime are inseparable. Their families have always lived in the same Parisian building and Maxime, who has lived alone with his mother, a hard-working attorney, since his father died, has always felt part of Esteban's happy, friendly family.

Intimate Strangers Trailer (2004)

06 February 2004

Because she picked the wrong door, Anna ends up confessing her marriage problems to a financial adviser named William Faber.

Confidence Reigns Trailer (2004)

10 November 2004

Christel and Christoph have no education, no morals - they are working as servants in wealthy homes in order to clean out their hosts.

Dust Trailer (2001)

29 August 2001

Two parallel tales of redemption, a century apart. In the New York storyline, Edge hunts for Angela's gold to pay back a debt, and gradually grows closer to her.

Baby Love Trailer (2008)

18 December 2008

They were the perfect loving couple, well, almost. Emmanuel wanted a child but Philippe didn't. One day, however, Emmanuel decides to take the plunge, at the risk of losing Philippe.

Masques Trailer (1987)

11 February 1987

In this deadly game of cat and mouse, Roland Wolf is writing a book on the life of game show host Christian Legagneur--or is he?

If You Don't, I Will Trailer (2014)

05 March 2014

A couple goes on a hike in the woods, and the woman refuses to return.

The Story of Marie and Julien Trailer (2003)

10 September 2003

Julien lives alone with his cat. He dreams of Marie, and a few minutes later, he sees her on the street and makes a date.

Tolérance Trailer (1989)

20 October 1989

In the 18th century, English aristocrats had, among their better known strange customs, one really strange one: they kept "ornamental hermits" for their gardens.

All the Mornings of the World Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

It's late 17th century. The viola da gamba player Monsieur de Sainte Colombe comes home to find that his wife died while he was away.

A Year in My Life Trailer (2006)

08 March 2006

In 1950s France, a young boy is taken in by a couple after spending a few months in the care of social service.

Driftwood Trailer (1997)

27 March 1997

When Sarah walks alone along the desolate beach one day she find an unconscious man, who has been brought to land by the waves.

Des Lendemains Qui Chantent Trailer (2014)

20 August 2014

Olivier and Leo, two brothers that are moved to Paris and that life has separated ... If the first sees himself as a journalist without concessions, the second is an ambitious and opportunistic communication adviser.

Nom de code: DP Trailer (2005)

30 May 2005

On September 11, 2001, an enemy whose evil knows no bounds unleashed its depraved brand of terror upon an unsuspecting world.

Les Irréductibles Trailer (2006)

14 June 2006

On the day that his son fails his baccalaureate, Michel loses his job. He has been employed at the same factory for twenty years and now he has no job, no qualifications, no prospects.

Les Nuits de sister Welsh Trailer (2010)

27 October 2010

Une journée de merde Trailer (1999)

03 March 1999

This is an important day for Marc Chanois, an insurance advisor heading toward middle age: it's his fiancée Sabine's birthday, her parents arrive in Paris and Marc will meet them for dinner to announce the engagement (her father can't stand him), he's bought Sabine a Spitfire, and his most important client is to sign a policy.

La Chambre des magiciennes Trailer (2000)

26 May 2000

Poison d'avril Trailer (2007)

01 January 2007

March 2002, during an election campaign, Simon Barrachet, offensive journalist, took over the newspaper and a television station seeks to impose its vision of information.

Je suis un assassin Trailer (2004)

11 August 2004

No overview found.

The Murdered House Trailer (1988)

01 February 1988

After World War I, a young ex-soldier, Sébastien Monge, returns to his home village. Ignorant of his past, he learns that, 24 years before, his entire family was slain in their home one stormy night.

30 Ans Trailer (2000)

05 July 2000

Barjo Trailer (1992)

12 May 1992

The narrator, "Barjo" (nutcase, crap artist), is an obsessive simpleton, given to filling his notebook with verbatim dialog, observed trivia, and oddball speculation on human behavior and the end of the world.