Movie Trailers - April 1954

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1954

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Seven Samurai Trailer (1954)

26 April 1954

A samurai answers a village's request for protection after he falls on hard times. The town needs protection from bandits, so the samurai gathers six others to help him teach the people how to defend themselves, and the villagers provide the soldiers with food.

River of No Return Trailer (1954)

30 April 1954

The itinerant farmer and his young son help a heart-of-gold saloon singer search for her estranged hd

Hobson's Choice Trailer (1954)

19 April 1954

Henry Hobson owns and tyrannically runs a successful Victorian boot maker’s shop in Salford, England.

Riding Shotgun Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

When a stagecoach guard tries to warn a town of an imminent raid by a band of outlaws, the people mig

Prince Valiant Trailer (1954)

05 April 1954

A young Viking prince strives to become a knight in King Arthur"s Court and restore his exiled father to his rightful throne.

Witness to Murder Trailer (1954)

15 April 1954

A woman fights to convince the police that she witnessed a murder while looking out her bedroom window.

Yankee Pasha Trailer (1954)

17 April 1954

Director Joseph Pevney's 1954 swashbuckling adventure saga stars Jeff Chandler as an adventurer trying to rescue a damsel kidnapped by pirates.

Knock On Wood Trailer (1954)

06 April 1954

Ventriloquist Jerry Morgan has failed with another love affair. The reason: when the relationship reaches the point when it is time to discuss marriage, his doll Clarence becomes mean and jealous.

Rails Into Laramie Trailer (1954)

14 April 1954

A federal agent arrives in Laramie to try to find out who is behind the efforts to stop the construction of a new railroad track.

True Friends Trailer (1954)

20 April 1954

Story about 3 childhood friends who found each other later in life and decided to rafting on one of the Moscovian rivers.

Arrow In The Dust Trailer (1954)

25 April 1954

Director Lesley Selander's 1954 western stars Sterling Hayden, Coleen Gray, Keith Larsen, Tom Tully, Lee Van Cleef and Jimmy Wakely.

Southwest Passage Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Director Ray Nazarro's 1954 western, originally filmed in 3-D, stars John Ireland and Joanne Dru as fugitive bank robbers who hide out by joining a government expedition bound for California.

Mademoiselle Nitouche Trailer (1954)

21 April 1954

Celestin works as an organist at a girl's school. By day, Celestin is the meek and mild target of the girls' incessant practical jokes.

Rhapsody Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

A rich, young beauty, Louise Durant, follows the man she loves and hopes to marry to Zurich where he studies violin at the conservatory.

Casanova's Big Night Trailer (1954)

07 April 1954

Italy 1757, Pippo Popolino, a lowly tailor, disguises himself as the great Casanova in order to romance the attractive widow Francesca.

Playgirl Trailer (1954)

21 April 1954

If you remember Shelley Winters from "The Poseidon Adventure" or "Bloody Mama," you might tend to forget what a knockout she was early in her career.

The French Peep Show Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Drums of Tahiti Trailer (1954)

23 April 1954

A smuggler (Dennis O'Keefe) buys a bride (Patricia Medina) in San Francisco to help him run guns in 1877 Tahiti.

Pride of the Blue Grass Trailer (1954)

04 April 1954

A girl owns a horse, and hires a boy as a trainer. The horse (Gypsy Prince) enters a race and is injured.

Lucky Me Trailer (1954)

09 April 1954

A songwriter (Robert Cummings) finds a singer (Doris Day) and her stranded troupe working in a Miami hotel's kitchen.

Elephant Walk Trailer (1954)

21 April 1954

The young bride of a rich planter finds herself the only white woman at Elephant Walk tea plantation, British Ceylon.

The Lone Chipmunks Trailer (1954)

07 April 1954

In this Lone-Ranger spoof,a cleaned-up version of Pegleg Pete robs a western bank and makes his getaway, and decides to hide his loot in a tree inhabited by two chipmunks, the chattering-and-clattering Chip 'n' Dale.

Les intrigantes Trailer (1954)

07 April 1954

Gypsy Colt Trailer (1954)

02 April 1954

In this trans-species remake of Lassie, Come Home, a faithful horse undertakes a perilous journey to return to the family it loves.

Carnival Story Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

Story of an American carnival in Germany.

Kein Hüsung Trailer (1954)

18 April 1954

The Lone Gun Trailer (1954)

25 April 1954

Cruze arrives in town and when he stands up to the three Moran brothers, he gets appointed Marshal. First the brothers kill a rancher while framing another man.

The Diamond Wizard Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

While in London trying to nab several fugitives who stole a million dollars from a U.S. Treasury vault, American federal agent Dennison (Dennis O'Keefe) assists Scotland Yard Insp.

Jesse James vs. the Daltons Trailer (1954)

02 April 1954

Joe Branch (Brett King), reputed to be the son of Jesse James, comes riding into Coffeyville Kansas in 3-D, looking for proof one way or the other regarding the question of who is father was.

Hic-cup Pup Trailer (1954)

17 April 1954

Spike has just put Tyke to bed for his nap when Tom and Jerry chase out the door to Tyke's crib, waking him up.

The House Across the Lake Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

Sensuous and desirable, Carol Forrest has always attracted the attention of men. Expert in the art of manipulation and control she married an older man, loving only his vast wealth and continued to amuse herself with indiscreet affairs.

Die heilige Lüge Trailer (1954)

06 April 1954

Bei Dir war es immer so schön Trailer (1954)

15 April 1954

Raub der Sabinerinnen Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

The Rocket Man Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Wacky complications ensue when a little boy comes into possession of a ray gun that compels anyone caught in its beam to tell the truth.

Les impures Trailer (1954)

07 April 1954

The Man on the Flying Trapeze Trailer (1954)

07 April 1954

Sort of a cartoon version of "All About Eve" or people-using-people themes. It opens with a man singing the title song, accompanied by a pianist, a trumpeter and a trombonist.

'Minäkö isä!' Trailer (1954)

30 April 1954

Cantando nace el amor Trailer (1954)

14 April 1954

Comical misadventures of a film crew trying to get their damn musical filmed.

Cellulose Trailer (1954)

27 April 1954

Through the fate of the boy - whose hunger drives from his home village , and who receives a severe school of life , going through different social environments in order to become conscious , revolutionary activist - creators show a realistic panorama of conflicts in pre-WWII Poland.

Clan Revival Trailer (1954)

27 April 1954

After the Onin War ended in 1477, Kyoto was left in ashes and the nation was in complete disorder. Bands of roving samurai called the "nobushi" terrorized the country under the leadership of Akagaki Genba and overthrew Mangetsu Castle in Tanba Province scattering the few survivors.

Magdalena Trailer (1954)

15 April 1954

Family melodrama; one sister runs away with the other one's fiance. Twenty-odd years later, her daughter tries to make peace with the rest of the family.

Dieses Lied bleibt bei dir Trailer (1954)

14 April 1954

Bell Hoppy Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

Sylvester has been "blackballed" out of membership to the Loyal Order of Alley Cats Mouse and Chowder Club again.

Quando o Mar Galgou a Terra Trailer (1954)

27 April 1954

Passion and ambition interplay to bring dissention and tragedy into the home of an old fisherman married to a much younger woman.

Mädchen mit Zukunft Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

Fangs of the Wild Trailer (1954)

02 April 1954

A young boy living at a mountain lodge witnesses a murder, and is then targeted himself by the killer.

Les Cloches n'ont pas sonnées Trailer (1954)

14 April 1954

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow Trailer (1954)

15 April 1954

Katnip the cat, shedding his fur (hair) is concerned that if he goes bald he will lose his fickle-feline girlfriend.

Eine Frau von heute Trailer (1954)

13 April 1954

Your Name Is? Part III Trailer (1954)

27 April 1954

Set at the end of World War II, the picture features a relationship of a man and a woman who meet and share time without ever revealing their names.

J'y suis... j'y reste Trailer (1954)

13 April 1954

Dig That Dog Trailer (1954)

11 April 1954

The story of Percy P. Pettipoint who purchases a much-desired great dane named Cuddles. He instructs Cuddles to bury his scraps in the back yard.

Legends of Anika Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Based on a story by Nobel Prize-winner Ivo Andrić. When a young man's affair with a married woman ends disastrously he spurns the girl he'd once loved.

Ballade på Bullerborg Trailer (1954)

10 April 1954

Hollyhock Trailer (1954)

24 April 1954

Malvaloca, dancer and singer, go to Las Canteras when she finds out that Salvador, her exboyfriend has been hurt.

Delirio Trailer (1954)

16 April 1954

The Iron Glove Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Forbidden Trailer (1954)

01 April 1954

Don Paolo, a young parson troubled by his love for Agnese, tries to make peace in a little village in Sardinia where two families are at war.

El rapto Trailer (1954)

23 April 1954

In a small Mexican village the news shock neighbors, Ricardo Alfaro, a wealthy local rancher has disappeared without a trace.