Movie Trailers - April 1958

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1958

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Touch of Evil Trailer (1958)

23 April 1958

When a car bomb explodes on the American side of the U.S./Mexico border, Mexican drug enforcement agent Miguel Vargas begins his investigation, along with American police captain Hank Quinlan.

Girls on the Loose Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A nightclub operator (Mara Corday), her sister (Barbara Bostock), a beautician (Lita Milan) and two other women rob a payroll.

Gigi Trailer (1958)

15 April 1958

A home, a motorcar, servants, the latest fashions: the most eligible and most finicky bachelor (Louis Jourdan) in Paris offers them all to Gigi (Leslie Caron).

The Young Lions Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

The Young Lions follows the lives of three soldiers: one German and two Americans, paralleling theirn

The Long, Hot Summer Trailer (1958)

03 April 1958

Ben Quick arrives in Frenchman's Bend, MS after being kicked out of another town for allegedly burning a barn for revenge.

Neither Seen Nor Recognized Trailer (1958)

23 April 1958

In a small French village, everything would be quiet if the local wildlife cop was not being ridiculed by a smart poacher.

The Night Heaven Fell Trailer (1958)

05 April 1958

Ursula, a young, sensuous French girl, arrives in a Spanish mountain community to visit her aunt and uncle.

Modigliani of Montparnasse Trailer (1958)

04 April 1958

Biographic film chronicling the last year of the life of the Italian painter Amedeo Modigliani, 1919, who falls in love with a girl from a wealthy family.

Teacher's Pet Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A rugged city editor (Clark Gable) poses as a journalism student and flirts with the professor (Doris Day).

Paksunahka Trailer (1958)

03 April 1958

A man dreaming of becoming a private detective gets suck into an investigation of a crime involving the theft of a secret chemical formula.

The Rickshaw Man Trailer (1958)

21 April 1958

The story of Muhōmatsu, a rickshaw man who becomes a surrogate father to the child of a recently widowed woman.

Two Men and a Wardrobe Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A short Polish black and white silent movie directed by Roman Polański. The film features two men who emerge from the sea carrying a large wardrobe, which they proceed to carry into a town.

Stage Struck Trailer (1958)

22 April 1958

A small-town actress (Susan Strasberg) meets a New York producer (Henry Fonda) and playwright, and replaces their show's moody star (Joan Greenwood).

The Violet Seller Trailer (1958)

06 April 1958

On New Year's Eve 1899, Soledad is peddling violets in a Madrid busy street when she meets aristocrat Fernando.

Toto and Marcellino Trailer (1958)

22 April 1958

Handle with Care Trailer (1958)

18 April 1958

A law student working on a class project discovers a real-life crime.

Fast and Sexy Trailer (1958)

18 April 1958

In this occasionally amusing frolic, Gina Lollobrigida plays a sexy widow who returns to Italy from New York following the death of her husband.

Tres desgraciados con suerte Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

Three cowboy party-boys, posing as highway bandits, meet three women who want to reform them.

The Return of Dracula Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

After a vampire leaves his native Balkans, he murders a Czech artist, assumes his identity, and moves in with the dead man's American cousins.

Marjorie Morningstar Trailer (1958)

24 April 1958

While working as a counselor at a summer camp, college-student Marjorie Morgenstern falls for 32-year-old Noel Airman, a would-be dramatist working at a nearby summer theater.

Hello Taxi Trailer (1958)

11 April 1958

A comedy directed by Hermann Kugelstadt.

Hell's Five Hours Trailer (1958)

13 April 1958

The manager (Stephen McNally) of a rocket-fuel plant deals with a worker (Vic Morrow) threatening to blow himself up.

Flesh Pier Trailer (1958)

12 April 1958

Director Teruo Ishi's crime action follows the investigative adventures of an undercover cop working with a prostitution ring.

Fort Dobbs Trailer (1958)

18 April 1958

An escaped prisoner helps a mother and her son flee marauding Indians. Director Gordon Douglas' 1958 western stars Clint Walker, Virginia Mayo, Richard Eyer, Brian Keith, Michael Dante and Russ Conway.

Whoa, Be-Gone! Trailer (1958)

11 April 1958

Wile E. Coyote's plans for catching the Road Runner involve a giant elastic spring, a gun and trampoline, TNT sticks in a barrel, and tornado seeds.

Tank Force Trailer (1958)

22 April 1958

During World War II, members of a British tank unit in northern Africa are captured and held prisoners by Germans.

Vanjikottai Valiban Trailer (1958)

11 April 1958

Womaneater Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A mad scientist captures women and feeds them to a flesh-eating tree, which in turn gives him a serum that helps bring the dead back to life.

Cattle Empire Trailer (1958)

28 April 1958

After serving a five year prison sentence for allowing his men to destroy a town in a drunken spree, a trail boss is hired by the same town's leading citizen to drive their cattle to Fort Clemson.

Quantrill's Raiders Trailer (1958)

27 April 1958

A Civil War guerilla gang plans an attack on a Kansas arsenal.

Seven from Edo Trailer (1958)

30 April 1958

When Katsukawa, a low ranking vassal, learns that his greedy superior, Tatewaki, has hatched a plan to expand his territory, he and his comrades decide to take matters into their own hands.

Die grünen Teufel von Monte Cassino Trailer (1958)

23 April 1958

Temba - kapp kapp Kairo Trailer (1958)

06 April 1958

The purpose of this journey, the longest road trip ever made, was to provide an appropriate first impression of Africa today.

La chatte Trailer (1958)

19 April 1958

During the Occupation, Cora takes the place of her dead husband at the head of a Resistance network. One evening, she sympathizes with Bernard, a Swiss journalist.

Nasser Asphalt Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

Ein weißer Elefant Trailer (1958)

26 April 1958

Merry Andrew Trailer (1958)

04 April 1958

Downtrodden but creative English school-teacher (Danny Kaye) on archeological trip discovers joys of love and circus life with acrobat (Pier Angeli).

Too Much, Too Soon Trailer (1958)

17 April 1958

The daughter of iconic actor John Barrymore becomes reunited with her father after a ten year estrangement and engages in his self-destructive lifestyle.

The Creation of the World Trailer (1958)

04 April 1958

Attack of the Puppet People Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A deranged scientist creates a ray that can shrink people down to doll size.

The Flame Barrier Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

Carol Dahlmann enlists the Hollister brothers to help locate her missing husband. The husband was tracking a fallen satellite through the jungle.

Springtime for Clobber Trailer (1958)

12 April 1958

Clint falls in love with a woman who has arrived to the apartment. The combination of love and spring, makes Clint forget about his duties, leading one of the flats to become flooded.

A Matter of Dignity Trailer (1958)

30 April 1958

During one of her parents many parties, Chloe learns they're bankrupt. She's being courted by Niko, a wealthy Greek American, so she decides to charm him.

Toon Hermans - One man show 1958 Trailer (1958)

05 April 1958

The first full episode that was broadcasted on tv. After this show the whole Netherlands knew who he was.

Night Drum Trailer (1958)

15 April 1958

When a married woman has an affair with a young musician, feudal Japanese law requires that both offenders pay with their lives.

St. Louis Blues Trailer (1958)

07 April 1958

Will Handy grows up in Memphis with his preacher father and his Aunt Hagar. His father intends for him to use his musical gifts only in church, but he can't stay away from the music of the streets and workers.

Aquí está Heraclio Bernal Trailer (1958)

09 April 1958

Historical drama/biopic about 1880s Social Justice bandits in a mining community in Sinaloa. First of three in series.

A Grande Vedete Trailer (1958)

25 April 1958

Madame Janete is an aging music hall star who insists on doing roles far beneath her real age, and whose secretary keeps her fans in a payroll.

The Astounding She-Monster Trailer (1958)

10 April 1958

When a meteor crashes to earth, out of it emerges a glowing, female creature who terrorizes a group of people living in the California mountains.

Lamb to the Slaughter Trailer (1958)

13 April 1958

When Mary Maloney's police chief husband is found murdered, the police investigate and have a hard time trying to find the murder weapon.

Romance Freestyle Trailer (1958)

30 April 1958

The love between young college students Toki (Hibari Misora) and the handsome Takaga (Ken Takakura) is tested when Takaya's parents, who depise Toki's family's geisha house business, intervenes in their relationship.

Ich war ihm hörig Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

Meine Frau macht Musik Trailer (1958)

02 April 1958

Herz ohne Gnade Trailer (1958)

23 April 1958

Man ist nur zweimal jung Trailer (1958)

04 April 1958

A Slope in the Sun Trailer (1958)

15 April 1958

Adaptation of Ishizaka Yôjirô's novel.

The Naked Face of Night Trailer (1958)

01 April 1958

A biting portrait of the world of classical Japanese dance: an ambitious young woman (Wakao Ayako) shoves aside her mentor (Kyo Machiko) on her way to the top.

The Juggler of Our Lady Trailer (1958)

08 April 1958

Medieval times. A juggler has little success making a living; he puts on a hair shirt and becomes an ascetic, but attracts only other ascetics.

La Bigorne, caporal de France Trailer (1958)

24 April 1958

A group of fun-loving French soldiers manage to circumvent a band of cutthroat pirates and win the undying loyalty of a tribal potentate.

Black Pearls Trailer (1958)

16 April 1958

Reform school teacher tries to carry his class to the right path by teaching them diving.