Movie Trailers - April 1975

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Popular trailers for movies released in April 1975

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The Reincarnation of Peter Proud Trailer (1975)

25 April 1975

When college professor Peter Proud begins to experience flashbacks from a previous incarnation, he is mysteriously drawn to a place he has never been before but which is troublingly familiar.

The Night Child Trailer (1975)

22 April 1975

The titular medallion is a gift presented to young Nicole Elmi. Once the girl places the gift around her neck, she is possessed by the spirit of a dead child who was a murderess.

Death Race 2000 Trailer (1975)

27 April 1975

In a boorish future, the government sponsors a popular, but bloody, cross-country race in which points are scored by mowing down pedestrians.

Capone Trailer (1975)

16 April 1975

The story of the rise and fall of the infamous Chicago gangster Al Capone and the control he exhibited over the city during the prohibition years.

Hababam Sınıfı Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Lazy, uneducated students mostly coming from money, share a very close band. They live together in the dormitory of this private highschool, where they daily plan their latest pranks on teachers or the other classes.

I Will Fight No More Forever Trailer (1975)

13 April 1975

Pursued by 2,000 US soldiers and cavalry, Chief Joseph leads his tribe of 800 Nez Perce on a 1,700 mile journey across the West and towards Canada.

Hababam Sınıfı Sınıfta Kaldı Trailer (1975)

15 April 1975

Hababam Sinifi is basically a movie based on the novel by Rifat Ilgaz, telling the story about a class of lazy high school pranksters.

Fear Over the City Trailer (1975)

09 April 1975

A serial-killer frightens Paris by phoning young ladies at night, telling them insults about their lives.

Late Night Trains Trailer (1975)

09 April 1975

A pair of psychotic hoodlums and an equally demented nymphomaniac woman terrorize two young girls on a train trip from Germany to Italy.

Supervixens Trailer (1975)

02 April 1975

Clint Ramsey has to leave his job working at Martin Bormann's gas station and flee after his wife is murdered by psycho cop Harry Sledge, who tries to pin the murder on Clint.

La messe dorée Trailer (1975)

08 April 1975

Dolemite Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

Dolemite is a pimp who was set up by Willie Greene and the cops, who have planted drugs, stolen furs, and guns in his trunk and got him sentenced to 20 years in jail.

Hanzo Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Jefferson Circus Songs Trailer (1975)

11 April 1975

Created in the summer of 1973 in the basketball court of Jefferson High School in Minneapolis Jefferson Circus Songs uses both cut-out animation and pixilation to create a “circus” of surreal happenings.

Mistress Trailer (1975)

25 April 1975

A common thief (Depardieu) breaks into the house of a professional dominatrix (Ogier), and begins to help her "train" her clients.

Side by Side Trailer (1975)

30 April 1975

Glam Rock musical comedy about two clashing nightclubs

Strike Force Trailer (1975)

12 April 1975

A New York City detective teams up with a federal agent and a state trooper to bust up a drug ring.

Semi-dokyumento: Otoko isari Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Pinku from 1975.

Aloïse Trailer (1975)

02 April 1975

The painful life of a mentally unstable but highly gifted woman is unveiled in this film, based on episodes from the life of an actual person.

The Maids Trailer (1975)

21 April 1975

A film version of Genet's play. Two maids, Solange and Claire, hate their employers and, while they are out, take turns at dressing up as Madame and insulting her.

Totstellen Trailer (1975)

24 April 1975

Special Section Trailer (1975)

23 April 1975

In occupied France during the WWII, a German officer is murdered. The collaborationist Vichy government decides to pin the murder on six petty criminals.

Pureza Proibida Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

Delisin Trailer (1975)

04 April 1975

A shy introvert falls for the photographer who took her pictures during high school. Confused and worried, she doubts that love will elapse and can never open up to her lover.

Slashed Dreams Trailer (1975)

24 April 1975

A couple on vacation in the woods is stalked by a pair of rapists.

L'agression Trailer (1975)

16 April 1975

After his wife and daughter are raped and killed by a motorbike gang a man sets out to take revenge.

Tubby the Tuba Trailer (1975)

30 April 1975

When Tubby the Tuba sets out to find a melody all of his own, his journey results in this enchanting and exciting musical tale.

Die Biene Maja - Ihre schönsten Abenteuer Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Red Coat Trailer (1975)

23 April 1975

Colorful Dreams Trailer (1975)

21 April 1975

Poetic view on the play- and fantasy worlds of little Kati.

Aloha Bobby and Rose Trailer (1975)

29 April 1975

Bobby and Rose, two youngsters who are in love, have to run away from home when they are falsely accused to have committed a robbery and an assassination.

Der Wohltäter Trailer (1975)

14 April 1975

Os Condenados Trailer (1975)

13 April 1975

Black Force Trailer (1975)

18 April 1975

A Blaxploitation flick where four karate experts are hired to retrieve a stolen African witchdoctor fetish doll.

Dead Man on the Run Trailer (1975)

03 April 1975

A government agent who is investigating a collegue's murder discovers a conspiracy to cover up a political assassination.

Lehmanns Erzählungen Trailer (1975)

07 April 1975

Restricted Area Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Follows the life of a 16 yearo-old convict through the Soviet penal system.

The House of Exorcism Trailer (1975)

02 April 1975

A total re-edit of Mario Bava's gothic classic Lisa and the Devil (1973) for US release in 1975. Cheesy exorcism scenes were shot to try to capitalize on the success of The Exorcist (1973).

The Peaceful Age Trailer (1975)

11 April 1975

Simon (O.E. Hasse) fought in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), but now he is an old man, readying himself for death.

Kennwort: Fasanenjagd München 1945 Trailer (1975)

17 April 1975

The Miners' Film Trailer (1975)

18 April 1975

The miners' strikes, struggles and way of life are celebrated as the vital part of Britain's trade union movement.

Ladies of the Corridor Trailer (1975)

10 April 1975

Filmed version of the Dorothy Parker & Arnaud d'Usseau stage play.

The Seven Coffins Trailer (1975)

10 April 1975

Hsiao Tsui is the most beautiful girl in a prosperous prostitution house in a North China town. But every client of hers is chased and scared by ghosts.

Judge and the Forest Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

Before going on leave an experienced magistrate assigns to his assistant a case that has been all but concluded.

Before the Time Comes Trailer (1975)

11 April 1975

Hélène (Luce Guilbeault) is a woman who already has, in her view, quite enough children. For some time she has secretly been taking birth control pills, but now she is too old to use them safely.

Jessi's Girls Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

A young Mormon couple is attacked by a bunch of outlaws. They kill the man and the woman is raped several times and left for dead in the desert.

La Facture Trailer (1975)

25 April 1975

Dharmatma Trailer (1975)

30 April 1975

The Sound of the Waves Trailer (1975)

25 April 1975

Lonely youth Shinji meets Hatsue, a pretty pearl diver, on the beach and the two fall in love. But Shinji has a rival for Hatsue's affections, Yasuo.

Santo en Anónimo mortal Trailer (1975)

11 April 1975

Santo, the Silver Masked, must face terrible neo-nazis villians.

Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar Trailer (1975)

04 April 1975

A town awaits the arrival of a gunslinger to help defeat a gang of bandits, but a trio of misfits is mistaken for the anticipated relief.

White Horses of Summer Trailer (1975)

17 April 1975

The marital problems of an American couple come to a head while visiting southern Italy with their impressionable young son.

The Little Incident Trailer (1975)

01 April 1975

A cult of diners, restaurants and an excessive eating prevails in the City of Joy. Different contests are held in cooking the Georgian cuisine.

Lily aime-moi Trailer (1975)

30 April 1975

Ein deutsches Attentat Trailer (1975)

10 April 1975

Great Mazinger vs. Getter Robo Trailer (1975)

21 April 1975

Go Nagai crossover movie.

Let Itch Dude 5: The Dude Won't Let the Itching Trailer (1975)

10 April 1975

A fifth part of the series of erotic comedies based on the novels by Hans Henning Claer.

Cops vs. Thugs Trailer (1975)

26 April 1975

In at least 6 movies by director Kinji Fukasaku, Bunta Sugawara played a yakuza thug. This time, he carries a badge but his character hasn't lost his distaste for double-dealing bosses and authority figures who are out to cover their own butts.

Bruce Lee versus Gay Power Trailer (1975)

11 April 1975

'Bruce' goes to head with bandits who are terrorising and murdering villagers.

Sharks' Treasure Trailer (1975)

18 April 1975

Eccentric charter skipper Jim Carnahan and his team of hard-luck dreamers battle sharks, bandits ande