Movie Trailers - August 1973

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Popular trailers for movies released in August 1973

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14 and Under Trailer (1973)

16 August 1973

This episodic film is a close relative of Wolf Hartwig's schoolgirl report movies, made by the same people, in a similar style, around similar topics.

Enter the Dragon Trailer (1973)

17 August 1973

A martial artist agrees to spy on a reclusive crime lord using his invitation to a tournament there as cover.

Cops and Robbers Trailer (1973)

17 August 1973

Two disillusioned New York policemen plan a $10 million robbery to fuel their low pensions, only to run into one debacle after another in the process.

Jesus Christ Superstar Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

Oscar-nominated film adaptation of the rock opera of the same name, based on the last weeks before the crucifixion of Jesus.

American Graffiti Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

A couple of high school graduates spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.

Murder in a Blue World Trailer (1973)

22 August 1973

Set in the future, the story follows a nurse who tries to bring her own style of relief to people condemned to die.

Nothing to Report Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

In 1956, the professional army of France lacks the manpower to keep the peace in Algeria, the colony which the country is determined to hold on to at any price.

Line Up and Lay Down Trailer (1973)

29 August 1973

70s Eurotrash sex comedy

White Lightning Trailer (1973)

06 August 1973

An ex con teams up with federal agents to help them with breaking up a moonshine ring.

Sex-Crime Coast: School of Piranha Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Swap Meet at the Love Shack Trailer (1973)

31 August 1973

The film Liebesmarkt featuring a cute blonde Ingrid Steeger, not only became a cult actress stupidity of German youth who watched only American cinema.

Three Supermen of the West Trailer (1973)

28 August 1973

With their time machine, the three Supermen try to recover antique treasures and end up in the West and find the most famous treasure of THE BANDIT.

Tony Arzenta Trailer (1973)

23 August 1973

A mob hitman wants to retire, but his bosses don't think that's a good idea. Complications--and many bloody shootouts-ensue.

Heavy Traffic Trailer (1973)

08 August 1973

An "underground" cartoonist contends with life in the inner city, where various unsavory characters serve as inspiration for his artwork.

Bang the Drum Slowly Trailer (1973)

26 August 1973

The story of a New York pro baseball team and two of its players. Henry Wiggen is the star pitcher and Bruce Pearson is the normal, everyday catcher who is far from the star player on the team and friend to all of his teammates.

Teenage Intimacies Trailer (1973)

09 August 1973

This Softsex-comedy points out what people are doing everything so when they feel unobserved in their closed doors.

No, The Case Is Happily Resolved Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

While fishing at a quiet lake, a man witnesses a murder. Although confronted by the killer he manages to escape.

Slaughter's Big Rip Off Trailer (1973)

31 August 1973

Vigilante Slaughter comes under attack from Duncan, a local money launderer whose hit-man traps Slaughter in a car at a cliff, but Slaughter escapes, arms himself, and goes after Duncan's hideout.

Electra Glide in Blue Trailer (1973)

18 August 1973

A short Arizona motorcycle cop gets his wish and is promoted to Homicide following the mysterious murder of a hermit.

Ardent Summer Trailer (1973)

30 August 1973

Barbara is a sexy stripper, but she is dedicated to her husband. When a rich and above-the-law land-owner orders the murder of her husband to get her, she plans, and conducts, deadly revenge.

Chabelo and Pepito vs. the Monsters Trailer (1973)

02 August 1973

Chabelo and Pepito are cousins ​​and belong to a group of scouts. When hiking a farmer warns of the danger of a cave where a cursed treasure.

Erotic Journey: Love Affair in Hong Kong Trailer (1973)

04 August 1973

Having begun a passionate affair with one of her husband's colleagues, bored housewife Akiko follows him to Hong Kong when he is transferred.

Sex Report From a Female Private Detective: Housewife Prostitution Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Hanzo the Razor: The Snare Trailer (1973)

11 August 1973

Against the backdrop of the Edo treasury devaluing currency and driving many into poverty, Hanzo Itami enforces the law without regard to status.

The Clones Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

A scientist discovers a plot to clone other scientists so the government can control the weather.

The Return of the Violin Trailer (1973)

27 August 1973

During the WWII a group of children are trying to save Stradivarius violin from Nazis.

The Stone Killer Trailer (1973)

08 August 1973

Detective Lou Torrey (Charles Bronson) investigates a mafia plot to murder all it's enemies.

The Lonely Woman Trailer (1973)

23 August 1973

Teresa hopes that her social climbing ambitions will be fulfilled by her young son, Jacy. When he learns that his mother has started an affair, Jacy leaves home and embarks on a series of short-term liaisons with several women.

Le Blues Entre les Dents Trailer (1973)

29 August 1973

The Girl in Blue Trailer (1973)

15 August 1973

In this Canadian romance, Scott (David Selby) was so smitten by the looks of a pretty girl that he spends years looking for her.

High Crime Trailer (1973)

12 August 1973

An Italian police inspector matches wits with a powerful European drug ring. As he comes closer to the top of the underworld organization, his odds of survival decrease.

Aches and Snakes Trailer (1973)

10 August 1973

Crazylegs Crane and Blue Racer fights to get the honey bee for a meal.

The Neptune Factor Trailer (1973)

03 August 1973

When an underwater ocean lab is lost in a earthquake, an advanced submarine is sent down to find it and encounters terrible danger.

Uuno Turhapuro Trailer (1973)

24 August 1973

Uuno goes with his wife to spend summer holiday to their villa in country, studies playing of the violin in a correspondence course and constructs an own violin with do-it-yourself-method, but quits his career when he perceives that takes his free time too much and comes back to live the life "in the shadow of a fridge".

The Mansion of Madness Trailer (1973)

10 August 1973

The inmates of an insane asylum take over the institution, imprison the doctors and staff, and then put into play their own ideas of how the place should be run.

Las Venganzas de Beto Sánchez Trailer (1973)

23 August 1973

After watching his father passed away at a hospital, a man takes revenge on all the people guilty to his eyes: his grade school teacher, his childhood friend and other characters.

Ricco Trailer (1973)

27 August 1973

Fresh out of the joint, young Ricco is eager to get home to see his family. He was cut loose a year early for good behavior, but it certainly wasn't good behavior that got him in the big house in the first place.

Eva und Adam Trailer (1973)

31 August 1973

Special Killers Trailer (1973)

11 August 1973

Sandro, a detective, finds his wife strangled. His girl-friend Tiffany, who works as photographer, makes a "Blow up" from a photo, what Sandro finds beside the victim.

Hospitals:The White Mafia Trailer (1973)

25 August 1973

This Italian film is a searing indictment of the greed and ambition which warp the medical profession.

Poil de carotte Trailer (1973)

29 August 1973

The Shadow Line Trailer (1973)

29 August 1973

Story of a young, inexperienced ship captain named Marlow, who struggles in solitude during the voyage with disease, insubordinate crew and vagaries of weather.

Madame Zenobia Trailer (1973)

21 August 1973

Beautiful, but sad and dejected young widow Marcia is unable to find sexual gratification with her fiancé Eric because of her continuous love affair with her deceased husband John.

The Martial Hero Trailer (1973)

25 August 1973

Martial Arts Hero movie that seems to be lost.

The Naked Ape Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

Somewhat based on Desmond Morris's fascinating book of pop anthropology, this partially animated satirical docudrama produced by Playboy Magazine publisher Hugh Hefner, traces the evolution of human kind and offers insight into the reasons why we behave the way we do.

A Doll's House Trailer (1973)

16 August 1973

A childish wife reveals surprising strength when faced with blackmail. A modern version of Ibsen's play.

Counselor at Crime Trailer (1973)

30 August 1973

When the godson of San Francisco's crime lord asks permission to leave "the business," Don Antonio agrees, but reluctantly.

Joshi daisei: Sex kaki seminar Trailer (1973)

04 August 1973

Pinku from 1973.

Fast Fists Trailer (1973)

02 August 1973

The man, the legend, the hero known as Jimmy Wang Yu returns in his greatest adventure since the One Armed Swordsman! Wang Yu must protect an army General from treachery while on an important mission.

The African Deal Trailer (1973)

30 August 1973

An inter-racial affair against a background of corrupt businessmen attempting to manipulate the national resources of an emerging nation that bears a distinct resemblance to Ghana.

La città del sole Trailer (1973)

05 August 1973

Na Cha and the Seven Devils Trailer (1973)

31 August 1973

Na Cha shakes free seven magical peaches from a mystic tree in Heaven and they turn the animals who eath them down on Earth into horrible monsters.

Solstik på badehotellet Trailer (1973)

23 August 1973

Da den nye direktør for Fiskeby Badehotel, frk. Søbye, skal inspicere sit nyerhvervede hotel, forelsker hun sig i portieren.

Tiffany Jones Trailer (1973)

16 August 1973

Light-hearted and occasionally unclothed adaptation of a British comic strip in the over-the-top, on-beyond-Bond spy fantasy vein.

Moons Pool Trailer (1973)

14 August 1973

"Moons Pool" is a masterful and lyrical use of the film medium to portray the search for identity and resolution of self.

The Men Who Made the Movies: George Cukor Trailer (1973)

16 August 1973

In the series of documentaries directed by Richard Schickel following classic film directors, this episode interviews the creative mind behind "My Fair Lady", "The Philadelphia Story", "Born Yesterday" among other classics.

The Four Charlots Musketeers 2 Trailer (1973)

29 August 1973

This French slapstick comedy stars the musician/comedian foursome Les Charlots, as valets to the Four Musketeers.

Detroit 9000 Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

After a fundraiser for a black politician is robbed, Detroit police put two detectives, one white and one black, on the case, who try to work together under boiling political pressure.

A Brief Vacation Trailer (1973)

14 August 1973

Vittorio De Sica's A Brief Vacation (Una Breva Vacanza) stars Florinda Bolkan as a downtrodden working woman.

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Trailer (1973)

01 August 1973

Little Richie Bridgestone (whose parents are divorced) goes to spend the weekend with his father at his secluded mountain cabin, and witnesses his father being attacked by 'a creature' that the boy recognizes as a werewolf.