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Sara Trailer (1997)

23 May 1997

Forty-something Leon is an alcoholic, ex-special forces barely scraping by when he's hired by a mobster to protect his 16 year old daughter.

Blind Chance Trailer (1987)

10 January 1987

Witek runs after a train. Three variations follow on how such a seemingly banal incident could influence the rest of Witek's life.

Demons of War Trailer (1998)

20 March 1998

A detachment of the Polish IFOR forces in Bosnia is led by Major Keller, who is being investigated for insubordination during a patrol in Srebrenica.

Battle of Warsaw 1920 Trailer (2011)

30 September 2011

Poland's winning battle against Soviet Russia as seen through the eyes of two young protagonists, Ola and Jan.

Man of Iron Trailer (1981)

27 July 1981

In Warsaw in 1980, the Communist Party sends Winkel, a weak, alcoholic TV hack, to Gdansk to dig up dirt on the shipyard strikers, particularly on Maciek Tomczyk, an articulate worker whose father was killed in the December 1970 protests.

Pan Tadeusz Trailer (1999)

18 October 1999

A grand and patriotic tale of Poland's struggle for freedom just before Napoleon's war with Russia. Written in poetic style by Adam Mickiewicz, this story follows two feuding Polish families as they overcome their old conflicts and petty lives.

Psy Trailer (1992)

20 November 1992

In good old days Franz Maurer and his partners from secret police used to live like kings. Now, they all must adapt to new post-communist environment where they are scorned and losing all the privileges.

Suspended Trailer (1987)

19 October 1987

Anna, a nurse, meets her wartime lover Marcel in 1951. Learning that he has been sentenced to death for his role in the Home Army, she hides him in her cellar for five years.

Psy II: Ostatnia krew Trailer (1994)

05 April 1994

Franz Maurer, a compromised cop, former officer of the criminal department of the Warsaw's police, is released from prison where he was doing time for his brutality and murders.

Danton Trailer (1983)

12 January 1983

Danton (Gérard Depardieu) and Robespierre (Wojciech Pszoniak) were close friends and fought together in the French Revolution, but by 1793 Robespierre was France's ruler, determined to wipe out opposition with a series of mass executions that became known as the Reign of Terror.

The Justice of Wolves Trailer (2010)

21 October 2010

1940. Leningrad. In sixth grader Mickey Polyakov light-hearted and happy life: the father-director, beautiful mother, a large apartment in the city center and many friends.

Pitbull. New Order Trailer (2016)

22 January 2016

Policemen from two precincts are joining forces to fight the Mokotowska Group.

Kajínek Trailer (2010)

05 August 2010

Crime thriller inspired by the story of Jiri Kajinek, which is considered the first bounty hunter in the Czech Republic.

Quo Vadis Trailer (2001)

30 August 2001

Ancient Rome, during the time of Emperor Nero. Vinicius, a young patrician, falls in love with the beautiful Lygia, the daughter of a Barbarian commander who was killed in battle, and wants her for his concubine.

Blind Date Trailer (2010)

05 February 2010

Majka is young, beautiful and intelligent. It is time for her to learn and work, she has wonderful friends.

Dead Man's Bounty Trailer (2006)

12 September 2006

A mysterious loner (Karel Roden) rides into a small town carrying the body of a sought-after outlaw (Val Kilmer is the corpse).

Decalogue VII. Trailer (1989)

11 September 1989

As a high school student, Majka bore a child, Ania, whom Majka’s mother, Ewa, has been raising as her own.

Afterimage Trailer (2016)

22 October 2016

In 1945, as Stalin sets his hands over Poland, famous painter Wladislaw Strzeminski refuses to compromise on his art with the doctrines of social realism.

The Birthday Trip Trailer (1990)

03 August 1990

When the hot-dog vendor Kaj from the small town of Skælskør in Denmark turns 40, his friends take him on a trip to Poland, to a long party with cheap liquor and emigration eager polish ladies.

Szamanka Trailer (1996)

10 May 1996

The story of an anthropology professor Michal's who as the movie progresses develops two overwhelming obsessions.

Trzy minuty 21:37 Trailer (2010)

26 May 2010

Hacker Trailer (2002)

01 January 2002

Two friends make a bet. One of them - an A student and a computer genius Marcin - under the terms of the dispute must be received five days of complete submission to his clever friend Turbo - and he, in turn, guarantees him the easy money and attention to a long-legged beauty.

The Magnate Trailer (1987)

21 December 1987

This Polish historical drama film traces the fascinating saga of a wealthy, princely Polish dynasty in years 1900-1935.

Fever Trailer (1981)

04 September 1981

The film is set in 1905, in a time of feverish revolutionary underground activity in Poland partitioned between three neighbours.

Masquerade Trailer (1987)

16 October 1987

The well-known actor, Michael Barczewski, returns after a long break to the stage. He tells reporter the story of Jack Burda, a young promising actor who took his profession a bit too serious and played his own death.

Operacja Samum Trailer (1999)

07 May 1999

The war between Iraq and Kuwait is just about to begin. While all foreigners are leaving Iraq, Pawel, a young Polish engineer is captured by the Iraqi Secret Service.

Polish Roulette Trailer (2012)

20 January 2012

As Poland is placed under martial law in 1981, two confidence tricksters try to evade both the police and the army.

Daddy Trailer (1995)

14 December 1995

Daddy is the story of a divorced father fighting for the right to raise his 7-year-old daughter. When his marriage falls apart, he decides to kidnap his daughter rather than let the court award custody to his mentally ill wife, whom he deems unfit to raise their child.

Kill Me, Cop Trailer (1987)

06 June 1987

A Polish thriller. Central story is a duel between criminal-on- the-run (Linda) and the cop (Machalica) who put him behind the bars the first time around.

Johnnie Waterman Trailer (1994)

17 February 1994

On the road wandering minstrel finds a mare, which, upholstered and sickly, is dying. He buries mare and casts a curse in the village where the animal was tortured.

George the Hedgehog Trailer (2011)

07 February 2011

Jez Jerzy is a skateboarding hedgehog who likes to drink beer and fondle breasts. He finds it hard to pursue his passions, however, while being tormented by neo-nazi skinheads, mad scientists and a drooling, flatulent clone of himself.

Jasne Błękitne Okna Trailer (2007)

07 January 2007

Film o przyjaźni dwóch dziewcząt, które poznają się w dzieciństwie. Mają swoje marzenia i plany, które w przyszłośFilm o przyjaźni dwóch dziewcząt, które poznają się w dzieciństwie.

Happy New York Trailer (1997)

27 September 1997

Life and adventures of a few Polish immigrants in New York.

Sezon na leszcza Trailer (2000)

26 January 2000

Private Town Trailer (1994)

06 October 1994

Małe prowincjonalne miasteczko koło Warszawy rządzone jest przez lokalną mafię. Brutalne napady, zuchwałe kradzieże są na porządku dziennym.

Reich Trailer (2001)

01 February 2001

Alex and Andre are two hit men who face death and violence every day but also understand the gentleness of love.

Stacja Trailer (2001)

18 October 2001

Surfers’ Time Trailer (2005)

19 August 2005

Three young guys got work from unlucky gangster... they try to make a great job but everything goes g

Lost Illusions Trailer (1983)

25 April 1983

Via the New York Times: "The Hungarian director Gyula Gazdag has transposed the middle section of Balzac's "Lost Illusions" from Paris in the mid-19th century to the Budapest of 1968.

Deserter's Gold Trailer (1998)

03 December 1998

"Deserter's Gold", the sequel to the very popular "The Deserters", is a rich war comedy, skipping humorously around the more serious dangers of a war.

Billboard Trailer (1998)

20 November 1998

Seszele Trailer (1991)

01 January 1991

A small-time racketeer Stefek evades mob bosses by passing himself off as a mentally unstable cleptomaniac and laying low in an asylum.

Pułapka Trailer (1997)

05 December 1997

An actor returns to Poland after 12 very unsuccessful years in the United States only to find himself entangled in a noirish situation reminiscent of California in the 1940s.

A Lonely Woman Trailer (1987)

15 March 1987

The first motion picture film by Agnieszka Holland about loneliness, longing for affection, and misfortune.

Sekal Has to Die Trailer (1997)

01 October 1997

ComiBaran, a protestant blacksmith arrives in the little village of Lakotice to kill Sekal, a cruel Nazi collaborator.

Provocateur Trailer (1995)

31 May 1995

Kroll Trailer (1991)

11 October 1991

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