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Detective Trailer (1985)

10 May 1985

Emile Chenal and his wife, Françoise, leaned on boxing manager Jim Fox Warner to cough up the considerable sum of money that he owes them, with both the police and the mob circling the situation.

The Party Trailer (1980)

01 January 1980

Le Boum is the story of a 13-year-old French girl dealing with moving to a new city and school in Paris, while at the same time her parents are getting a divorce.

L'union sacrée Trailer (1989)

15 March 1989

The Party 2 Trailer (1982)

08 December 1982

The second film from the Le Boum series about a young French teenage girl who after moving to a new city falls in love with a boy and is thinking of having sex with him because her girlfriends have already done it.

The Student and Mister Henri Trailer (2015)

07 October 2015

Because of his wavering health, Monsieur Henri can no longer live alone in his Paris appartment. Particularly grumpy, he ends up nonetheless accepting his son Paul's suggestion that he let one of his rooms out to a young female student.

Camping Trailer (2006)

26 April 2006

Plastic surgeon Michel Saint-Josse is on his way to Spain where he hopes to spend a stress-free holiday in a luxury hotel with his teenage daughter Vanessa.

Avenue Montaigne Trailer (2006)

15 February 2006

A young woman arrives in Paris where she finds a job as a waitress in bar next on Avenue Montaigne that caters to the surrounding theaters and the wealthy inhabitants of the area.

A Gorgeous Girl Like Me Trailer (1972)

13 September 1972

Stanislas Previne is a young sociologist, preparing a thesis on criminal women. He chooses Camille Bliss as his subject of study and begins to visit her in prison for interviews.

Band of Outsiders Trailer (1964)

05 August 1964

Two crooks with a fondness for old Hollywood B-movies convince a languages student to help them commit a robbery.

Descent Into Hell Trailer (1986)

06 November 1986

The marriage of the famous writer Alan and his young wife Lola is in a crisis. On a vacation in Haiti Lola wants to decide if their relationship still has a future.

Camping 2 Trailer (2010)

21 April 2010

Jean-Pierre Savelli is a forty-something employee of an insurance company in Clermont-Ferrand who finds himself facing a mid-life crisis.

One, Two, Three, Sun Trailer (1993)

18 August 1993

A provocative, seemingly absurd patchwork movie which sends a worthwhile message about hope against all odds, love, children and human understanding.

An Elephant Can Be Extremely Deceptive Trailer (1976)

22 September 1976

Etienne falls in love with a sexy woman he meets in his bureau. This woman is then chosen for an advertisement.

Eyes Without a Face Trailer (1960)

11 January 1960

Professor Genessier is guilt-stricken after his daughter's face is disfigured in a car accident. He intends to rebuild his daughter's face via grafting skin tissue; he only needs a supply of donors to experiment on.

Banana Peel Trailer (1963)

18 January 1963

The French comedy-drama of Marcel Ophuls, which came to the Paris yesterday.

My Lucky Star Trailer (2012)

11 July 2012

In Normandy, Louise lives happily in the horse world. Suddenly, fate strikes. Louise left alone with his father and a family friend to Ferronnière the stud where she has always lived.

Chouchou Trailer (2003)

19 March 2003

Choukri, alias Chouchou, a transvestite Maghrebi with clear eyes, comes illegally to Paris to find his nephew.

L'amour aux trousses Trailer (2005)

29 June 2005

Franck and Paul are working as team buddies in their Paris police unit. They are sent on a mission in Toulon to solve a drug traffic mystery, but things get out of hand when Paul learns that Franck has an affair with Valeria, his wife, who also happens to work in the police forces.

His Majesty Minor Trailer (2007)

10 October 2007

Dans une île imaginaire perdue en Mer Egée, aux temps très lointains d'avant Homère, Minor, mi-homme mi-cochon, orphelin et muet, file des jours tranquilles dans la douce tiédeur de la porcherie en compagnie de sa bonne amie la Truie.

Dirty Like an Angel Trailer (1991)

19 June 1991

Georges Deblache is a police inspector who is past middle age and who is so despondent about his life that he refuses to have a medical check-up, even though he suspects he has cancer.

Le souper Trailer (1992)

23 December 1992

One Must Live Dangerously Trailer (1975)

03 September 1975

Richard is a private detective. He makes a good money from marital infidelity: the deceived husband and wife generously paid him for proof of their infidelity "halves".

Camping 3 Trailer (2016)

29 June 2016

Like every summer, our friends, the Pics, Jacky and Laurette, Gatineau, recently divorced from Sopie, and Patrick Chirac, ever true to form, get together at the Blue Waves camping grounds.

Family Hero Trailer (2006)

20 December 2006

A story of a cabaret in Nice called "Le perroquet bleu" ("The blue parrot"). The innkeeper, Gabriel, dies at the beginning of the movie and leave his business to his godchildren : Nino and Marianne, whom father had been taken under Gabriel's wing when he was fifteen years old.

Signes extérieurs de richesse Trailer (1983)

09 November 1983

Souvenirs souvenirs Trailer (1984)

19 September 1984

The Upper Hand Trailer (1966)

02 March 1966

In Paris, a gold smuggler is at war with other local gangsters who want piece of the action. Then the mob shows up and makes things worse.

Dragées au poivre Trailer (1963)

01 January 1963

The Milk of Human Kindness Trailer (2001)

19 September 2001

A woman, scared by motherhood and her new born baby, runs away from her home and family to find a shelter at her upstairs neighbour's place.

Germinal Trailer (1963)

16 September 1963

Un cave Trailer (1972)

18 April 1972

La Guerre Des Polices Trailer (1979)

14 November 1979

Légitime violence Trailer (1982)

31 August 1982

Final Balance Trailer (2011)

16 March 2011

Dancing Machine Trailer (1990)

28 November 1990

Students of the prestigious dance school are dying under mysterious circumstances. Inspector Michel Eparvier suggests that the cause of death for women is physical exhaustion for dance lessons as their teacher Wolf brings the girls to exhaustion, making them to practice the technique of movement over and over again.

Malabar Princess Trailer (2004)

03 March 2004

A man leaves his 8-year old son with his father-in-law who lives near the glacier where the boy's mother died.

The Seven Deadly Sins Trailer (1962)

07 March 1962

Seven directors each dramatize one of the seven deadly sins in a short film. In "Anger," a domestic argument over a fly in the Sunday soup escalates into nuclear war.

L'argent des autres Trailer (1978)

27 September 1978

L'agression Trailer (1975)

16 April 1975

After his wife and daughter are raped and killed by a motorbike gang a man sets out to take revenge.

Actors Trailer (2000)

05 April 2000

Les Acteurs is the absurd story of Jean-Pierre Marielle desperately waiting for a cup of hot water, the story of a conspiracy against actors, the story of aging actors whose careers are slowly less active than they used to be, but a stunning tribute to French actors and their cinema.

Le pays d'où je viens Trailer (1956)

19 October 1956

Les Loups entre eux Trailer (1985)

31 December 1985

The Elusive Corporal Trailer (1962)

23 May 1962

The story serves as a companion piece to Renoir's 1937 film, Grand Illusion, once more bringing together men from across the broad social spectrum of French society to depict one man's Sisyphean efforts to escape captivity in a German POW camp.

Attention les yeux ! Trailer (1976)

17 February 1976

Un réalisateur sans beaucoup d'expérience souhaite tourner un film pornographique.

Vieilles canailles Trailer (2010)

22 May 2010

Shock Troops Trailer (1967)

05 April 1967

A French resistance group liberates some German prisoners. Turns out one of them is a spy.

We Will All Meet in Paradise Trailer (1977)

09 November 1977

The film is the immediate continuation of Un éléphant ça trompe énormément, released the previous year.

La Banquière Trailer (1980)

27 August 1980

The scene is the restless Paris of the interwar years where an attractive and ambitious woman successfully makes her way in a world previously reserved for men: that of high finance.

Another World Trailer (2013)

12 October 2013

Please, Not Now! Trailer (1961)

19 April 1961

Sophie, a flighty young model, learns that her boyfriend is planning to leave her for another woman. Sophie resolves to either win him back or assassinate her rival.

Les Nouvelles Aventures de Vidocq Trailer (1971)

05 January 1971

Nous irons à Deauville Trailer (1962)

24 December 1962

Au bas de l'échelle Trailer (2010)

08 November 2010

Someone is Bleeding Trailer (1974)

28 August 1974

On a beach in Nice, François meets the mysterious Peggy and falls in love with her. Following her to a villa, he meets Marc, a lawyer who has a strange relationship with the girl.

On the Edge of the Horizon Trailer (1993)

24 November 1993

Spino, a pathologist, receives an unidentified body which looks familiar to him... himself, 30 years younger.

Green Harvest Trailer (1959)

02 December 1959

In 1943, a group of high school students decide to take action against the Nazi occupying forces. Showing courage and imagination, they manage to blow up the Kommandantur and to release hostages.

Les Distractions Trailer (1960)

04 November 1960

Ah, c'était ça la vie! Trailer (2009)

21 August 2009

La taule Trailer (2000)

12 January 2000

The Do-Gooders Trailer (2005)

19 October 2005

Three former bank robbers are meeting after 25 years...