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Urban Legends: Bloody Mary Trailer (2005)

19 July 2005

On a prom-night dare, a trio of high school friends chant an incantation, unleashing an evil spirit from the past with deadly consequences.

The Celluloid Closet Trailer (1996)

30 January 1996

This documentary highlights the historical contexts that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals have occupied in cinema history, and shows the evolution of the entertainment industry's role in shaping perceptions of LGBT figures.

Murder Me, Murder You Trailer (1983)

09 April 1983

Mickey Spillane's private eye Mike Hammer (Stacy Keach) probes his long-lost love's death while seeking their daughter.

Ivanhoe Trailer (1982)

23 February 1982

This is a remake of Walter Scott's Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe, a worthy and noble knight, the champion of justice returns to England after the holy wars.

I Still Dream Of Jeannie Trailer (1991)

20 October 1991

Col. Nelson is on a long-term, top-secret space mission. Jeannie cannot bring him home (temporarily) to hear their son's important academic presentation without knowing exactly where he is in the first place.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame Trailer (1982)

02 February 1982

Quasimodo, the hunchback bellringer of Notre Dame's cathedral meets a beautiful gypsy dancer, Esmeralda, and falls in love with her.

The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case Trailer (1976)

26 February 1976

Fact-based story of the kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr., son and namesake of the famed pilot, and ensuing trial of accused and convicted killer, Bruno Hauptmann.

Goliath Awaits Trailer (1981)

11 November 1981

During World War II the passenger liner "Goliath" is sunk by a German submarine. Portions of the ship's hull remain airtight, and some of the passengers and crew survive.

Us Trailer (1991)

20 September 1991

When the police finds a necklace with some criminal, a detective remembers that it was missing evidence in a murderer case many years ago.

Contract on Cherry Street Trailer (1977)

19 November 1977

A policeman devises an unorthodox plan for bringing criminals to justice after his partner is brutally gunned down.

Tieta of Brasil Trailer (1996)

30 August 1996

Just when her family starts believing that she is dead, and that they can expect a rich heritage, Tieta returns from São Paulo to her native village in Bahia, which she had been forced to leave long ago because of some involvement with a goat herd.

There Must Be a Pony Trailer (1986)

05 October 1986

Marguerite Sydney is a celebrated Hollywood star attempting a comeback after a stay in a mental hospital, as well as trying to re-establish a relationship with her teenage son, and risking a romance with a mysterious stranger.

Still Crazy Like A Fox Trailer (1987)

05 April 1987

Jack Warden is back as quirky detective Harry Fox, who becomes a suspect in a murder case while on holiday in England.

Desire: The Vampire Trailer (1982)

15 November 1982

A Coroner's assistant (who is also a law student) gets involved in a strange case involving his girlfriend's place of employment (a hospital) and Vampires after Milton King is drained of his blood.

Once Upon a Spy Trailer (1980)

19 September 1980

Computer genius and chess champion Ted Danson is lured into service by secret agent Eleanor Parker and becomes a reluctant hero thanks to a number of exploits with villainous Christopher Lee and his army of lethal blue-eyed blonde women.

I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later Trailer (1985)

19 October 1985

Jeannie has been a happily married housewife for 15 years to her astronaut husband Tony Nelson and has a teenage son, T.

Christmas on Division Street Trailer (1991)

15 December 1991

A good-natured homeless man and an ill-tempered student become good friends.

Fallen Angel Trailer (1981)

24 February 1981

Twelve year old Jennifer is unhappy with her widowed mom's relationship with a family friend. Feeling lonely, she readily accepts the friendship of an adult man named Howie and joins the softball team he coaches.

Family Reunion Trailer (1981)

11 October 1981

A woman fights for what she believes in. Stars Bette Davis, J. Ashley Hyman, David Huddleston, John Shea, Roy Dotrice, David Rounds, Kathryn Walker, Roberts Blossom, Roberta Wallach, Jeff McCracken.

Intrigue Trailer (1988)

11 September 1988

A spy is looking for his old colleague who now works for the other side.

Hart to Hart: Crimes of the Hart Trailer (1994)

25 March 1994

In their very last adventure, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart travel to The Big Apple, where a play she wrote in college is being produced on Broadway.

Hart to Hart Returns Trailer (1993)

02 November 1993

Jonathan Hart, the wealthy entrepreneur, and his charming investigative reporter wife, Jennifer, once again get caught up in a mystery, this time involving corrupt government contractors.

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb Trailer (1980)

08 May 1980

After an archeological expedition discovers the tomb of the Egyptian king Tutankhamen, many of the scientists, engineers and workmen begin mysteriously dying off.

The Last Survivors Trailer (1975)

04 March 1975

When a passenger ship sinks, a ship's officer must decide which passengers in an overcrowded lifeboat must be sacrificed so the rest can survive an approaching typhoon.

The Quest Trailer (1976)

13 May 1976

Eight years ago, Cheyenne Indians attacked the Baudine Family wagon and captured Morgan (Kurt Russell), whom they renamed Two Persons.

Police Story: Confessions of a Lady Cop Trailer (1980)

28 April 1980

The Legend of the Golden Gun Trailer (1979)

09 April 1979

TV western movie about a gun with special powers.

Doctors' Private Lives Trailer (1978)

20 March 1978

Two heart surgeons clash over personal issues and medical ethics in a big-city hospital.

The First 36 Hours of Dr. Durant Trailer (1975)

13 May 1975

A young doctor fresh out of medical school takes a job at a big-city hospital, and on his first day finds himself making life-and-death decisions.

To find my son Trailer (1980)

06 October 1980

A young man wishes to adopt a problematical eight-year-old boy being kept in an institution. Simply because he is single, he has an uphill battle with the government bureaucracy and particularly with a power-hungry, administrator.

Hart to Hart: Secrets of the Hart Trailer (1995)

06 March 1995

Set in San Francisco, Jonathan and Jennifer Hart are faced with the prospect of being reunited with Jonathan's long lost sister, and her nephew.

Hart to Hart: Till Death Do Us Hart Trailer (1996)

25 August 1996

On a mission of mercy, Jennifer Hart is in Germany to donate bone marrow to Maximilian, a young leukemia patient.

The People Across the Lake Trailer (1988)

03 October 1988

In an effort to get away from the city and all its crime, Chuck Yoman and his family move to a big old house in a peaceful lakeside town.

Hart to Hart: Home Is Where the Hart Is Trailer (1994)

18 February 1994

When a mentor and friend of Jennifer's dies, she and Jonathan return to the sleepy town where Jennifer once lived and worked as a reporter.

Passion Flower Trailer (1987)

04 March 1987

The movers and shakers in Singapore get involved in behind-the-scenes political and business activities, romantic entanglements, and murder.

A Fire in the Sky Trailer (1978)

26 November 1978

Astronomers discover a comet that they believe will crash into Phoenix, Arizona. They attempt to warn officials, but no one believes them.

Out of Time Trailer (1988)

17 July 1988

A cop from the future goes back in time to Los Angeles and teams up with his grandfather to capture a master criminal.

And the Sea Will Tell Trailer (1991)

24 April 1991

A wealthy couple (James Brolin and Deidre Hall) are killed on their yacht off the coast of a secluded South American island called Palmyra.

Cocaine and Blue Eyes Trailer (1983)

02 January 1983

O.J. Simpson plays Michael Brennen, a San Francisco private eye who gets dragged into a drug-smuggling operation while searching for the girlfriend of a deal client, leading Brennen to a politically prominent family.

The Turning Point of Jim Malloy Trailer (1975)

12 April 1975

The son of a small-town doctor returns to his hometown after being kicked out of Yale, and begins a new career on the town's newspaper.

Hart to Hart: Old Friends Never Die Trailer (1994)

06 May 1994

The Harts find themselves in the middle of a dangerous murder plot, but it isn't clear if the plot it a famous author's fictional murder-mystery, or an actual murder plot, until Jonathan finds himself the unsuspecting target of a killer.

The Father Knows Best Reunion Trailer (1977)

15 May 1977

First of two reunion movies starring the original cast of the popular 1950's series "Father Knows Best.

Hart to Hart: Two Harts in 3/4 Time Trailer (1995)

26 November 1995

This entry in the long-running romance of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart picks up following the death of their beloved friend Max when the Harts go to Montreal for the reading of his will.

The Quest: The Longest Drive Trailer (1976)

01 January 1976

The two Beaudine brothers refuse rancher Hatcher's offer to go on his cattle drive but change their minds when he is shot.

Hart to Hart: Harts in High Season Trailer (1996)

01 January 1996

One of the final entries in the series of romantic suspense adventures takes Jennifer and Jonathan Hart off to Sydney, Australia, where they plan to purchase a wildlife reserve from Jennifer’s old flame, the handsome and mysterious Elliott Manning.

The Deadly Triangle Trailer (1977)

19 May 1977

Elvis and the Beauty Queen Trailer (1981)

01 March 1981

Don Johnson stars as Elvis Presley in this made-for-TV true story about The King's love affair with Linda Thompson (Stephanie Zimbalist), a young beauty pageant contestant who was his live-in girlfriend and traveling companion for the last four years of his life.

The Night the City Screamed Trailer (1980)

14 December 1980

A massive blackout plunges an American city into a night of terror.

Institute for Revenge Trailer (1979)

22 January 1979

A computer run gang of good doers is out to stop a Palm Springs bad guy played by George Hamilton and they concoct a land deal scam to swindle him out of all his ill gotten goods and land him in jail.

Baby Brokers Trailer (1994)

21 February 1994

A woman (Cybill Shepherd) financially supports the natural parents in hope of adopting their newborn, but she discovers she is the victim of a scam.

Friends at Last Trailer (1995)

02 April 1995

Some time after her messy divorce, Fanny Connelyn (Kathleen Turner) realises her ex-husband is becoming her best friend.

Power Trailer (1980)

14 January 1980

Loosely based on the life of Jimmy Hoffa, this traces the rise of Tommy Vanda (Joe Don Baker) from a Chicago dock worker to an influential labor leader who, like Hoffa, finds himself behind bars in a federal prison, and not long after, taken for a ride by shady men never to be seen again.

Kill Me If You Can Trailer (1977)

25 September 1977

The story of Caryl Chessman, a convicted California rapist who spent 12 years on death row before finally being executed.

Money on the Side Trailer (1982)

29 September 1982

The Neighborhood Trailer (1982)

25 April 1982

A neighborhood in Brooklyn reacts to the first black families moving into the community.

Doorways Trailer (1994)

21 April 1994

Doorways is a proposed science fiction series from writer George R. R. Martin. A pilot was shot in May 1992, starring George Newbern, Anne Le Guernec, Robert Knepper, Kurtwood Smith, Max Grodenchik and Carrie-Anne Moss,[1] but was not picked up, and the project was shelved.

From Here to Eternity Trailer (1979)

01 January 1979

Soapy look at events of Pearl Harbor just previous to the Japanese attack.

The Dream Merchants Trailer (1980)

12 May 1980

Fictionalized behind-the-scenes machinations of early Hollywood movie-making.