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Daniel Ceccaldi (July 25, 1927 – March 27, 2003) was a French actor. He was born in Meaux, Seine-et-Marne, France. The mild-mannered Daniel Ceccaldi is famous as Claude Jade's father Lucien Darbon in François Truffaut's movies Stolen Kisses and Bed & Board.Note: Christine refers to him twice as "Lucien", not papa, indicating perhaps that he is not her biological father, echoing Truffaut's own experience. The American critics Bob Wade wrote about Ceccaldi in 'Stolen Kisses': "Claude Jade's parents are memorably played by Daniel Ceccaldi and Claire Duhamel. Ceccaldi’s role may represent the most pleasant and neurosis-free father in any movie of the era. He overflows with Dickensian warmth and geniality."

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That Man from Rio Trailer (1964)

05 February 1964

Farce, spy spoof, and adventure. Swarthy thieves ignore jewels to steal an Amazon figurine from the Museum of Man in Paris' Trocadero Palace and kidnap the world's authority on the lost Maltec civilization.

The Beach Hotel Trailer (1978)

11 January 1978

August in Brittany at a seaside hotel. Some guests are new, some come every year and are friends. The men nearing middle age fish and plan infidelities; their wives have surprises of their own in store.

The Soft Skin Trailer (1964)

05 May 1964

Pierre Lachenay is a well-known publisher and lecturer, married with Franca and father of Sabine, around 10.

Lucky Luke: The Ballad of the Daltons Trailer (1978)

10 March 1978

The story opens in a Western saloon, where a young musician with a banjo begins to tell a tale of Lucky Luke and his sworn enemies the Dalton brothers: Joe, William, Jack and Averell.

Stolen Kisses Trailer (1968)

13 August 1968

Baisers voles is the second of two films from the ‘Antonie-Doinel-Zyklus’ by French director Truffaut.

For a Cop's Hide Trailer (1981)

09 September 1981

A thriller starring and directed by Alain Delon about ex-cop who is after a drug pusher gang.

The Toy Trailer (1976)

08 December 1976

When Francois, a journalist, tours a big store for an article, he is chosen by the son of the newspaper's owner, Rambal-Cochet, as his new toy.

Pouic-Pouic Trailer (1963)

20 November 1963

Léonard Monestier owns a large fortune, alas his wife Cynthia made a bad investment in a worthless oil concession.

Death of a Corrupt Man Trailer (1977)

07 December 1977

In the middle of the night, deputy Philippe Dubaye wakes up his old friend Xavier Maréchal with disturbing news: he has just killed Serrano, a racketeer with extant political connections.

Lucky Luke: Daltons on the Loose Trailer (1983)

30 September 1983

The cowboy Lucky Luke tracks the Dalton brothers who escaped from prison and are seeking refuge in Canada.

Bed and Board Trailer (1970)

31 August 1970

Bed and Board depicts Christine and Antoine having just gotten married yet things fall apart as they are unfaithful.

Faites vos jeux, mesdames Trailer (1965)

21 May 1965

A famous American secret service agent tries to rescue a German 17 year old prodigy scientist who has been captured by the Russians.

The Thunder of God Trailer (1965)

08 September 1965

Brassac (Jean Gabin) is a drunken veterinarian who can't resist bringing home stray animals and humans.

Love in the Afternoon Trailer (1972)

21 August 1972

The last of Rohmer's Six Moral Tales. Frederic leads a bourgeois life; he is a partner in a small Paris office and is happily married to Helene, a teacher expecting her second child.

Ghislain Lambert's Bicycle Trailer (2001)

14 September 2001

In the 70s, there was Merckx and there were the others. Ghislain Lambert was one of the others. This is his story, a quite simple one.

Les Aventures d'Arsène Lupin Trailer (1957)

22 March 1957

Seduction Squad Trailer (1972)

29 November 1972

Jane Birkin, Bernadette Lafont, Elisabeth Wiener and Emma Cohen are 4 pretty girls rooming together. After witnessing and accidentally helping several thugs get away with a heist, the women notice through their telescope that the stolen loot is in the apartment right across the street! They plan their own burglary of the already stolen loot in this lighthearted caper comedy with a bit of nudity! Serge Gainsbourg did the bouncy score.

The Upper Hand Trailer (1966)

02 March 1966

In Paris, a gold smuggler is at war with other local gangsters who want piece of the action. Then the mob shows up and makes things worse.

Witness in the City Trailer (1959)

08 May 1959

Industrialist Pierre Verdier kills his mistress Jeanne Ancelin by throwing her off a train. Her husband, Ancelin, decides to take revenge on his wife's murderer, who has been acquitted by justice.

El sueño del mono loco Trailer (1989)

05 September 1989

Dan Gillis, an American screenwriter living in Paris, recently abandoned by his wife, and getting used to his new life as a bachelor while trying to take care of his son, Danny - is commissioned to write a script.

Cloportes Trailer (1965)

01 October 1965

Incorrigible Trailer (1975)

15 October 1975

Victor Vautier is incorrigible: he's in constant motion, working several cons at once, using different names and changing disguises.

Pleure pas la bouche pleine Trailer (1973)

03 October 1973

The Light Across the Street Trailer (1956)

24 February 1956

Tensions mount as the lonely wife of a trucker becomes involved with a gas station attendant.

Les Zozos Trailer (1973)

01 January 1973

Tell Me You Love Me Trailer (1974)

12 December 1974

French comedy.

A Golden Widow Trailer (1969)

23 October 1969

A woman learns that she is sole legatee of her forgotten rich uncle, but there is a small problem: she's got to be a widow to latch onto the dough or the fortune will go to a vague sect.

She's One of Us Trailer (2003)

16 May 2003

At the start, Christine Blanc is a temp, her boyfriend has gone. Near the story's end, she's been offered a steady job, she has a fiancé, other men seem interested in her, she's passed her driving test, and, after she wins 1000 Euros in a scratch-off, her colleagues sing that she's a jolly good fellow ("one of us").

Barbara Trailer (1997)

02 October 1997

Young vicar Mr. Paul arrives at the Faroe Islands to take up a benefice, and meets the young Barbara, twice married to vicars, and with both husbands laid cold in the grave.

Confidences pour confidences Trailer (1978)

04 June 1978

Espionage in Lisbon Trailer (1965)

30 October 1965

An international gang pretends to have the means to destroy a small country in 30 seconds. The authorities have reason to believe this may be true, and the spying battle is on.

FX 18, Secret Agent Trailer (1964)

28 March 1964

Secret agent FX-18 goes undercover to break up an espionage ring.

Quand passent les faisans Trailer (1965)

10 September 1965

The Song of the Balalaika Trailer (1971)

12 March 1971

A movie directed by Jean-Claude Dague.

Les gros bras Trailer (1963)

31 December 1963

The Big Swag Trailer (1965)

09 July 1965

Louis Bourdin est employé à la RATP le jour, romancier la nuit, avec une forte prédilection pour le genre policier.

The Magic of Méliès Trailer (1997)

01 January 1997

A documentary about George Méliès.

Queen Margot Trailer (1954)

25 November 1954

Un grand cri d'amour Trailer (1998)

07 January 1998

The Fourth King Trailer (1997)

27 December 1997

Alazar, a simple farmer who is also a beekeeper, meets the Three Wise Men Caspar, Melchior and Balthazar, who have set off to celebrate the arrival on earth of the Messiah.

Judgement of God Trailer (1952)

20 August 1952

Bavaria, 1433. Reason of state rules that Prince Albert is to marry Princess Bertha of Wurtemberg. But the fine-looking young man is loath to become the husband of a woman with pimples,flat feet and no breast.

Le chaud lapin Trailer (1974)

05 June 1974

Love on the Quiet Trailer (1985)

07 July 1985

A lawyer hires a call girl after learning his wife has invited her lover to move in; the husband and wife separate and the two new couples live side-by-side without issue - until an ex-boyfriend shows up and things start to go wrong.

Michele Strogoff - Il corriere dello zar Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Les Bricoleurs Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

Le Diable boiteux Trailer (1948)

11 July 1948

Michel Strogoff Trailer (1999)

01 January 1999

Ever since the death of his wife, the famous and once highly-respected general Michael Strogoff has fallen steadily into a state of decrepitude.

Folle Amanda Trailer (1974)

04 December 1974

Charles et Lucie Trailer (1979)

05 September 1979

No overview found.

The Pink Telephone Trailer (1975)

15 October 1975

The main character is the owner of a small enterprise in the southwest of France. An American corporation plans a take over.

The Bear and the Doll Trailer (1970)

06 June 1970

Cellist Gaspard is living in a big house in the country with his son and three nieces. He likes being quiet.

Pas folle la guêpe Trailer (1972)

15 November 1972

A Happy Divorce Trailer (1975)

06 June 1975

After having been rescued from suicide, a young man is the object of a bet by his doctor that the doctor can help him recover his joy in life.

The Husbands, the Wives, the Lovers Trailer (1989)

04 January 1989

In the summer holidays, a group of women stay behind in Paris whilst their husbands and children take a vacation on the sunny Island of Ré.

Le Chasseur de chez Maxim's Trailer (1976)

14 April 1976

Celles qu'on n'a pas eues Trailer (1981)

25 February 1981

It Will Hurt! Trailer (1982)

21 July 1982

La Chute d'un corps Trailer (1973)

01 January 1973

C'est jeune et ça sait tout! Trailer (1974)

25 October 1974

Jamais avant le mariage Trailer (1982)

01 September 1982