Movie Trailers - December 1954

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1954

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There's No Business Like Show Business Trailer (1954)

16 December 1954

Molly and Terry Donahue, plus their three children, are The Five Donahues. Son Tim meets hat-check girl Vicky and the family act begins to fall apart.

The Story of Vickie Trailer (1954)

15 December 1954

Vickie, short for Victoria, is crowned Queen of England and as such needs to learn the responsibilities of her new post.

The Gold of Naples Trailer (1954)

03 December 1954

Tribute to Naples, where director De Sica spent his first years, this is a collection of 6 Napolitean episodes : a clown exploited by a gangster ; an inconstant pizza seller (Sofia) loosing her husband's ring ; the funeral of a dead child ; the gambler Count Prospero B.

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves Trailer (1954)

24 December 1954

Rich oriental lord Cassim's cheeky servant Ali Baba was sent to buy a meaty girl-slave, but brings dancer Morgiane, whom he is enamored with.

The Bridges at Toko-Ri Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

A naval aviator is assigned to bomb a group of heavily defended bridges during the Korean War.

They Rode West Trailer (1954)

04 December 1954

Dr. Allen Seward (Robert Francis) is assigned to a western cavalry post where his predecessors had been drunks and slackers.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea Trailer (1954)

23 December 1954

A ship sent to investigate a wave of mysterious sinkings encounters the advanced submarine, the Nautilus, commanded by Captain Nemo.

Masterson Of Kansas Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

Western lawman Bat Masterson (George Montgomery) sets out to prove a man standing trial for murder is innocent.

Deep in My Heart Trailer (1954)

24 December 1954

Biographic movie about the American composer Sigmund Romberg.

No Exit Trailer (1954)

22 December 1954

Huis-clos, is a French-language drama film from 1954, directed by Jacqueline Audry, written by Jean-Paul Sartre, and starring Jean-Marie Amato.

The Atomic Kid Trailer (1954)

08 December 1954

A uranium prospector is eating a peanut butter sandwich in the desert where atom bomb tests are being done.

The Ghost Cat of Ouma Crossing Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

A kabuki actress is murdered by poison. Her pet cat laps its mistress's blood and becomes a demon possessed by the vengeful murder victim.

French Cancan Trailer (1954)

27 December 1954

A comedy/drama about a world-weary impresario who transforms a laundress into a theatrical star.

The Silver Chalice Trailer (1954)

20 December 1954

A Greek artisan is commissioned to cast the cup of Christ in silver and sculpt around its rim the faces of the disciples and Jesus himself.

Destry Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

Western remake of "Destry Rides Again", starring Audie Murphy, Mari Blanchard, Thomas Mitchell, Lori Nelson and Lyle Bettger.

Green Fire Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

Set in the coffee fields of Colombia, Green Fires stars Stewart Granger and Grace Kelly. Granger plays emerald prospector Rian X.

Nineteen Eighty-Four Trailer (1954)

12 December 1954

A man who works for 'The Party' (an all powerful empire led by a man known only as 'Big Brother') begins to have thoughts of rebellion and love for a fellow member.

Joan of Arc at the Stake Trailer (1954)

20 December 1954

Giovanna d'Arco al rogo (English: Joan of Arc at the Stake) is a 1954 Italian film directed by Roberto Rossellini and starring his wife Ingrid Bergman, which shows a live performance on December 1953 at the San Carlo Theatre in Naples.

Young at Heart Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

When Alex enters the lives of the musical Tuttle family, each of the three daughters falls for him. He is charming, good looking and personable.

The Black Rider Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

When young reporter and amateur biker Jerry Marsh investigates a mysterious hooded figure on a motorbike, he discovers crooks hiding out in a ruined castle with atomic sabotage on their minds.

3 Ring Circus Trailer (1954)

22 December 1954

Jerry and Pete are two friends with no money and are looking for a job. They finally find employment working in a circus, but Jerry has different dreams.

Dixieland Droopy Trailer (1954)

04 December 1954

John Pettibone (Droopy), a dog whose love of Dixieland music is not appreciated by those around him, has a lucky meeting with Pee-Wee Runt and his All-Flea Dixieland band at the circus.

Vera Cruz Trailer (1954)

25 December 1954

After the American Civil War, mercenaries travel to Mexico to fight in their revolution for money. The former soldier and gentleman Benjamin Trane meets the gunman and killer Joe Erin and his men, and together they are hired by the Emperor Maximillian and the Marquis Henri de Labordere to escort the Countess Marie Duvarre to the harbor of Vera Cruz.

The Other Woman Trailer (1954)

02 December 1954

Bit player Sherry Stewart gets miffed when director Walter Darman turns her down after she reads for a small part in his picture.

Carrington V.C. Trailer (1954)

09 December 1954

Major Charles Carrington (David Niven), is arrested for taking £125 from the base safe, he also face two other charges that could finish his distinguished service career.

Animal Farm Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

A successful farmyard revolution by the resident animals vs. the farmer goes horribly wrong when corrupt pigs hijack it for their personal gain.

Lilacs in the Spring Trailer (1954)

21 December 1954

A young actress must decide which of two lovers will be her husband. She daydreams about each one to help her decide.

Totò cerca pace Trailer (1954)

17 December 1954

I'm Cold Trailer (1954)

19 December 1954

Chilly Willy is freezing in his igloo home (he lives in Coldernell, Alaska) and burning everything hm

Long John Silver Trailer (1954)

16 December 1954

In this sequel to Treasure Island, Long John hopes to rescue his friend Jim from a rival pirate and return for more treasure.

Baby Buggy Bunny Trailer (1954)

18 December 1954

The story is about a dwarf gangster named "Babyface" Finster (a play on words on Baby Face Nelson) who, after a clever bank robbery, loses his ill-gotten gains down Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole, forcing him to don the disguise of an orphan baby to get it back.

Grand Canyonscope Trailer (1954)

23 December 1954

Ranger Woodlore is interpreting Grand Canyon for the tourists; Donald is of course making more trouble than everyone else put together.

Cuidado con el amor Trailer (1954)

08 December 1954

Salvador accompanied by two friends of his father whom he calls uncles, they arrive at a fair in the village, there he meets Ana.

Mask of Dust Trailer (1954)

10 December 1954

An idol of auto-racing fans attempts a comeback after serving in the Air Force. When his former rival lies dying in the hospital he must decide whether to continue in the Grand Prix, or make peace with his adversary.

Der Froschkönig Trailer (1954)

25 December 1954

Davy Crockett, Indian Fighter Trailer (1954)

15 December 1954

Davy Crockett seeks a truce with his Indian foes.

Touché, Pussy Cat! Trailer (1954)

18 December 1954

A young mouse arrives at the Parisian headquarters of the King's Mouseketeers with a letter from his father, François Mouse, asking Jerry to teach the lad to be a Mouseketeer.

Make Me an Offer! Trailer (1954)

08 December 1954

A struggling antiques dealer (Peter Finch) thinks he has found the answer to his problems when he stumbles across a precious vase amid a range of other less desirable items.

La principessa delle Canarie Trailer (1954)

30 December 1954

Canaris Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

Admiral Canaris is chief of the intelligence service of Nazi Germany. His department is quite successful and Hitler grants him all the money he wants for new developments.

Black Tuesday Trailer (1954)

31 December 1954

Vicious gangster Vincent Canelli pulls off a daring prison escape just moments before going to the electric chair, taking with him Peter Manning – a bank robber and cop killer who was to die right after him.

The House in the Middle Trailer (1954)

31 December 1954

Short film that emphasizes the importance of keeping a tidy home when facing an atomic bomb.

Happy Ever After Trailer (1954)

19 December 1954

The whole village mourns when General O'Leary, owner of a hunting estate in South Ireland, is killed in an accident.

The Art of Getting Along Trailer (1954)

28 December 1954

The Art of Getting Along (Italian: L'arte di arrangiarsi) is a 1954 comedy film directed by Luigi Zai

Invisible Avenger Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

A car strikes an unseen object; blood spreads from an invisible source which becomes visible as the bleeding man dies.

The Steel Cage Trailer (1954)

01 December 1954

Drama set in San Quentin prison.

Dialogue Between a Salesman and a Passenger Trailer (1954)

31 December 1954

A conversation between a salesman of calendars and his costumer, who makes him several questions before considering buying one of his offers.

Sheep Ahoy Trailer (1954)

10 December 1954

After punching in for work, Sam Sheepdog deals with Ralph Wolf's attempts to steal the flock, which this time make use of a balloon, a fake Acme-brand rock and a bicycle-propelled submarine.

Arvingen Trailer (1954)

20 December 1954

På en af vore smukke, store herregårde - Borchholmgård - bor Godsejer Claus Borch (Gunnar Lauring).

A Free Woman Trailer (1954)

29 December 1954

Una donna libera (internationally released as A Free Woman) is a 1954 Italian drama film directed by Vittorio Cottafavi.

Auf der Reeperbahn nachts um halb eins Trailer (1954)

15 December 1954

Felices Pascuas Trailer (1954)

13 December 1954

A marriage without great financial resources wins a lamb in a raffle. Once they have decided to eat on Christmas Eve, warn that their children have grown fond with the animal.

Drei vom Varieté Trailer (1954)

21 December 1954

Jazz Dance Trailer (1954)

31 December 1954

The Missing Scientists Trailer (1954)

31 December 1954

A group of nuclear scientists try to make sure top secret information about atomic weapons does not fall into the wrong hands.

The Gypsy Moon Trailer (1954)

25 December 1954

Rocky Jones and his buddies happen upon two strange moons orbiting each other. They soon discover that both are inhabited by civilizations at war with each other.

Bergkristall Trailer (1954)

23 December 1954

Le fil à la patte Trailer (1954)

06 December 1954

Le due orfanelle Trailer (1954)

16 December 1954

Destination Magoo Trailer (1954)

16 December 1954

The title of this short is a play on the title of the feature film Destination Moon (which itself has an animated sequence made by Walter Lantz and starring Woody Woodpecker) and once again Magoo and his myopia take an adventure, hand in hand, off to the "Moon".