Movie Trailers - December 1958

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Popular trailers for movies released in December 1958

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Bell, Book and Candle Trailer (1958)

25 December 1958

A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancee, so she enchants him to love her instead.

A Night to Remember Trailer (1958)

16 December 1958

On April 10th, 1912, RMS Titanic sailed from Southampton on her maiden voyage. On her fourth night at sea she struck an iceberg and sank with the loss of 1,500 passengers and crew.

The Magician Trailer (1958)

26 December 1958

Ingmar Bergman’s The Magician (Ansiktet) is an engaging, brilliantly conceived tale of deceit from one of cinema’s premier illusionists.

Auntie Mame Trailer (1958)

27 December 1958

Ten-year-old orphan Patrick Dennis has come to live with his nearest relative and in the high times ahead, he's not going to believe his luck.

Rally 'Round the Flag, Boys! Trailer (1958)

23 December 1958

Harry Bannerman, a Connecticut suburbanite who becomes involved in various shenanigans with his wife Grace Oglethorpe, leads a protest movement against a secret army plan to set up a missile base in their community.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad Trailer (1958)

05 December 1958

When a princess is shrunken by an evil wizard, Sinbad must undertake a quest to an island of monsters to cure her and prevent a war.

The Hidden Fortress Trailer (1958)

28 December 1958

Lured by gold, two greedy peasants escort a man and woman across enemy lines. However, they do not realize that their companions are actually a princess and her general.

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness Trailer (1958)

11 December 1958

All her life Englishwoman Gladys Aylward knew that China was the place where she belonged. Not qualified to be sent there as a missionary, Gladys works as a domestic to earn the money to send herself to a poor, remote village.

The Buccaneer Trailer (1958)

11 December 1958

During the War of 1812 against Britain: General Andrew Jackson has only 1,200 men left to defend New Orleans when he learns that a British fleet will arrive with 60 ships and 16,000 men to take the city.

Ivan Brovkin on the State Farm Trailer (1958)

12 December 1958

A dashing young man, Ivan Brovkin, (played by the charming Leonid Kharitonov) walks in a field, singing about “a girl in a white blouse”.

Cat Feud Trailer (1958)

20 December 1958

Bulldog Marc Anthony is a guard at a construction site. He finds a kitten, Pussyfoot, to whom he affectionately gives a wiener for lunch.

Separate Tables Trailer (1958)

18 December 1958

It's the off-season at the lonely Beauregard Hotel in Bournemoth, and only the long-term tenants are still in residence.

Christine Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

Vienna, 1906. A passionate love story develops between Franz Lobheiner (Alain Delon) and the young Christine (Romy Schneider).

Monster on the Campus Trailer (1958)

17 December 1958

A college professor acquires a newly discovered specimen of a prehistoric fish. While examining the find he is accidentally exposed to it's blood, turning him into a murderous Neanderthal.

Andy Hardy Comes Home Trailer (1958)

22 December 1958

Andy Hardy, now a grown man with a wife and children, returns to his hometown on a business trip and finds himself getting mixed up in local politics.

Some Came Running Trailer (1958)

18 December 1958

Dave Hirsch, a writer and army veteran, returns to 1948 Parkman, Indiana, his hometown. His prosperous brother introduces him to Gwen French.

Bachelor of Hearts Trailer (1958)

12 December 1958

A German scholar has girl troubles while studying at Cambridge.

The Square Peg Trailer (1958)

04 December 1958

Norman Pitkin and Mr Grimsdale are council workmen mending the road outside an Army base when they come into conflict with the military.

So ein Millionär hat's schwer Trailer (1958)

18 December 1958

Tom Thumb Trailer (1958)

24 December 1958

The Forest Queen grants the wish of Jonathan, the woodcutter, and his wife, Anna.

The Restless Years Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

A pretty, sheltered teenager falls for a boy from the wrong side of town. Director Helmut Kautner's ,

Lake of the Dead Trailer (1958)

17 December 1958

A group of friends travel to a cabin in the Norwegian forest. It's a rumour that at night a crazy man can be heard screaming at a lake nearby the cabin.

Machete Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

This 1959 film noir take on "Othello," filmed in Puerto Rico, stars Mari Blanchard as flirtatious Jean, who marries an older man, plantation owner Don Luis (Albert Dekker), for financial security and finds herself falling for his virile foster son, Carlos (Carlos Rivas).

Mannekäng i rött Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

A model is murdered at a famous fashion house and the Hillmans start to investigate. Kajsa Hillman is employed as a model and discovers that several people had motives to kill her.

Die Sklavenkarawane Trailer (1958)

11 December 1958

Heiß brennt die Sonne. Eine Karawane schleppt sich durch die trostlose Wüste am oberen Nil. Nicht nur die Hitze macht den erschöpften Reisenden zu schaffen.

Murder by Contract Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

Claude is a ruthless and efficient contract killer. His next target, a woman, is the most difficult.

Carabina 30-30 Trailer (1958)

25 December 1958

Rom-com set during Mexican Revolution.

El ruiseñor de las cumbres Trailer (1958)

15 December 1958

Joselito is a shepherd who lives happily taking care of his sheep in the mountains. From time to time he goes down to the village where his parents live.

Senior Prom Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

A singing college girl (Jill Corey) loves a singing college guy (Paul Hampton) who knows Mitch Miller and Louis Prima.

Der Schinderhannes Trailer (1958)

17 December 1958

Vater, Mutter und neun Kinder Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

Frankenstein's Daughter Trailer (1958)

15 December 1958

Dr. Frankenstein's insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day L.A.

Submarine Seahawk Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

For his first command in the Pacific war a by-the-book officer is ordered to take his submarine on a reconnaissance mission to locate a fleet of Japanese fighting ships the Allies have lost track of.

Adventurer's Fate Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

After being shot fleeing from a gunfight, the bandit Jaime falls to a riverbank, where is rescued by two beautiful young womans.

Mein Schatz ist aus Tirol Trailer (1958)

19 December 1958

The Doctor's Dilemma Trailer (1958)

17 December 1958

About a young artist, his wife and a doctor who, when the artist suffers from consumption, uses his limited serum on a more worthwhile case.

La tirana Trailer (1958)

23 December 1958

Rosario, Tirana, actress of the late eighteenth century, enjoys the protection of the Duke of Fornells, Chief Justice of the Kingdom, which paves for the actress the way to fame on stage at the Prince theater.

Rockets Galore Trailer (1958)

26 December 1958

The inhabitants of Todday are content to live their lives in peace and quiet, until, that is, the government decides their little corner of the world would be the perfect place for a rocket launch site.

Santo vs. the Infernal Men Trailer (1958)

18 December 1958

Agent Joaquin recalls his latest mission while lying wounded in an ambulance: Joaquin has infiltrated into a band of smugglers.

The Familiar Shadow Trailer (1958)

31 December 1958

Impressive sound design, non-linear editing, great ‘expressionistic’ locations and b&w cinematography, this is an experimental piece for Pialat, a psychological/gothic thriller of sorts.

Corridors of Blood Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

An 1840s British surgeon, experiments with anesthetic gases in an effort to make surgery pain-free. While doing so, his demonstration before a panel of his peers ends in a horrific mishap with his patient awakening under the knife; he is forced to leave his position in disgrace.

Bread, Love and Andalucia Trailer (1958)

04 December 1958

Nowhere to Go Trailer (1958)

02 December 1958

A professional thief is sprung from prison with the assistance of a new partner who what's to know where he's hid his loot.

A Nice Little Bank That Should Be Robbed Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

Two bunglers (Tom Ewell, Mickey Rooney) rob a bank and buy a racehorse, then try to rob another bank.

Szent Péter esernyője Trailer (1958)

17 December 1958

Red Leaves Trailer (1958)

08 December 1958

Passport to Shame Trailer (1958)

12 December 1958

British melodrama about a cabbie befriending a girl caught up in the white slave trade.

Kochubey Trailer (1958)

02 December 1958

A story of Kochubey - a hero of Russian Civil War.

Suivez-moi jeune homme Trailer (1958)

03 December 1958

Revolt in the Big House Trailer (1958)

21 December 1958

A crime boss tries to cause a riot and prison break while behind bars.

Schwechater Trailer (1958)

31 December 1958

In 1957, Peter Kubelka was hired to make a short commercial for Scwechater beer. The beer company undoubtedly thought they were commissioning a film that would help them sell their beers; Kubelka had other ideas.

Adisaya Thirudan Trailer (1958)

31 December 1958

Fishing Boats Trailer (1958)

31 December 1958

Documentary about the work of herring fishers in Sicily.

The Naked Maja Trailer (1958)

20 December 1958

A historical fiction based on the lives of artist Goya and the Duchess of Alba

Die Käserei in der Vehfreude Trailer (1958)

26 December 1958

The farmers of a village decide to postpone the construction of a new school in profit of a concentration to cheese production.

Revenge of the Virgins Trailer (1958)

31 December 1958

When white settlers start to move in on their sacred grounds, a tribe of female Indians vow to do anything they can to stop them.

The Bongo Punch Trailer (1958)

29 December 1958

Boxing bantam Pepe Chickeeto is continually bested in the boxing ring and considers retiring. Fortunately, he and his wife are expecting a son who, Pepe hopes, will carry on his great boxing legacy.

Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman Trailer (1958)

01 December 1958

An American scientist tells two colleagues about the finding of an abominable snowman living in the Japanese alps, where it is worshipped by a remote tribe as a god, and how it was discovered by modern man after it raided a ski-ers' shelter following an avalanche, killing all inside.

El jinete solitario en el valle de los buitres Trailer (1958)

11 December 1958

Masked hero on horseback. One in a series.

Tonka Trailer (1958)

25 December 1958

In Dakota territory in the 1870s, White Bull, a young Sioux, proves his manhood by catching and training a wild colt he names Tonka.