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Dimanche Trailer (1963)

16 February 1963

Leisure in a big town. What is more boring? What is more empty and meaningless? Look at that silly changing of the guard outside the Royal Palace or that movie theater bombastic advertisement "Adventure is escapism".

Los amigos Maravilla en el mundo de la aventura Trailer (1963)

22 February 1963

Little cowboy-fella, believed to be an orphan, helps his sheriff buddy to stamp out crime. Second of two in series.

Gendaikko Trailer (1963)

02 February 1963

After their father dies, his children try to get by on a house boat.

The Partisans Trailer (1963)

21 February 1963

Lieutenant Takala meets his fellow partisans of 20th division many year after the war. With flashbacks we see the events of summer 1944.

Impact Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

Crime reporter Jack Moir is framed by crooked nightclub owner, 'The Duke'. In prison, Moir plans his revenge.

Tutto è musica Trailer (1963)

08 February 1963

Neutron vs. Dr. Caronte Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Neutron, a superhero/wrestler, goes up against a mad scientist and his army of monsters.

Bunny Trailer (1963)

23 February 1963

A country family unbounds by the death of the head of family and they set off for a miners' town under construction, just like their forefathers, "to take the land".

Lehrer im Wandel Trailer (1963)

20 February 1963

Documentary short by Alexander Kluge about the role of teachers in history.

Machorka-Muff Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

A satirical attack on West Germany's re-armament and revival of militaristic tradition in the Adenauer era.

Something Different Trailer (1963)

25 February 1963

Vera Chytilova wrote and directed this two-part story that took the Grand Prix at the Mannheim Film Festival.

Ninety Nine Per Cent Trailer (1963)

04 February 1963

With 'Ninety Nine Per Cent' Giorgio Mangiamele harnessed satiric, surreal and slapstick comedy to tell his most socially probing story of the impact of urban as well as cultural isolation.

We Shall Return Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Cesar Romero stars as a prominent Cuban landowner who flees to Miami with his anti-Castro activist younger son, then learns that his elder son is working to sabotage the Bay of Pigs in vasion.

Sin on the Beach Trailer (1963)

20 February 1963

A moody pianist-composer and his voluptuous strip-tease dancing babe are avoiding reality at a French seaside resort.

When the Snows Fill Trailer (1963)

10 February 1963

Yakuza love story.

Just for Fun Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

When the government cuts the quota of musical programs permitted on television, teenagers Mark and Cherry lead others youngsters in forming their own political party.

Children Hand in Hand Trailer (1963)

06 February 1963

A Japanese documentary about children

The Flaming City Trailer (1963)

11 February 1963

An anti-semantic love story about a marvelous part of New York City and the people who lived there as the city is destroyed.

Pintura 1962-63 Trailer (1963)

19 February 1963

Spanish experimental short

Yagyu Military Art: Jubei's Redemption Trailer (1963)

23 February 1963

In the fifth installment, Yagyu Jubei must prove the innocence of his family who is suspected of conspiring to take Shogun's life.

The Martyr Trailer (1963)

15 February 1963

Experimental Film from Nihon University

Russian Roundabout Trailer (1963)

21 February 1963

Russian Roundabout is filmed with a special Krugovaya Kinopanorama rig consisting of 11 cameras which covers the complete circle.

Rüpel Trailer (1963)

23 February 1963

Film by Bärbl Bergmann.

Die unzufriedenen Frauen Trailer (1963)

07 February 1963

Are German women as unhappy as a lot of popular media in the early 1960s suggest? This television documentary wants to find out.

Gold of the Wild North Trailer (1963)

01 February 1963

A western set in the "Wild North".